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Welcome to Zativo

For Growers, Smokers and Psychonauts

Zativo is your one-stop shop for smart psychedelics and all things cannabis-related. Catering to Growers, Smokers and Psychonauts alike, we are an ever-expanding hub for Cannabis Seeds, Smokers' Paraphernalia and Herbal Highs.

Growing your own marijuana starts here, but we feel it is only logical that we supply you with essential items needed to enjoy your own, homegrown weed. Be it the cannabis seeds to start things off, the papers to roll in, the ashtray used for the disposal of your butts, or even a state-of-the-art vaporizer for the health-conscious, we aim to provide it all!

Psychonauts will be happy to know that Zativo offers an array of plant-based psychedelics, such as Kanna and the key ingredients for your own Ayahuasca brew, but we also have relaxing herbs like Kratom and Blue Lotus in our stockpile. Let us not forget to mention Peyotes and other Mescaline cacti, to set you on your vision quest, or Salvia, to launch you into space.... Have a stroll through Zativo's online assortment, and broaden your horizon.