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Cannabis Seeds, CBD Oil, Shrooms and More!

Welcome to Zativo - #1 store for cannabis enthusiasts and other psychonauts


If you are looking for cannabis seeds, you have come to the right place. Zativo is one of the largest seed shops around, offering the most comprehensive and complete catalogue of cannabis seeds in Europe. We stock strains from all of the major cannabis seed banks, from large to small, and as a result have over 1500 different varieties ready to ship to you.

Having spent 20 years building up our knowledge of cannabis, we know what it takes to deliver quality and excellent service, and ensure our customers have the freedom to buy cannabis seeds with confidence and discretion. No matter what kind of cannabis seeds you are looking for, whether they are indoors or outdoors, sativa, indica or hybrid, regular, feminized, or autoflowering, high in CBD, or high in THC, we have the strains you are looking for.

Being one of the largest retailers of cannabis seeds in Europe, it will come as no surprise that we have come to be known as a cannabis seed supermarket. We stock seeds from a whole variety of different cannabis seed banks, including world leaders like Barney’s Farm, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds, Dinafem, Royal Queen Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds and Sweet seeds.

We also stock seed banks that focus on CBD rich strains, like CBD Crew, as well as other prominent breeders that have made a name for themselves for consistently producing top quality genetics, such as DNA Genetics, Humboldt Seeds, and Mr. Nice. These are but a few of seed banks we stock; we have much more, each with their own distinct style, reputation, and focus. You can check out our full list of cannabis seed banks, and choose the right one for you.


Cibdol has become very popular the last few years. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the many active ingredients of the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive and is generally sought by users of medicinal cannabis. Take at a look at our wide selection of high-quality CBD oil and other CBD products. Order it online today and be surprised by the amazing effects of CBD oil.


At Zativo, we are happy peddlers of products containing the holy grail of natural highs - well, at least in our humble opinion - Psilocybine. Psilocybine is a psychoactive compound that can be found in Magic Mushrooms, such as Psilocybe cubensis, and Magic (or Psychedelic) Truffles. We have several strains of Psychedelic Truffles available, each with its own unique effect. Whereas one may have you sprouting thoughts as if you were Socrates himself, another might induce a more visual and therefore trippy experience.

If Magic Mushrooms are on your menu, you could try growing your own at home. We sell Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, ready to go in the blink of an eye. In most cases, all you will need to do is unbox the kit, prepare the grow bag to create a biodome-type atmosphere, and mist daily. You will start to see the little babies pop up from the substrate within weeks, if not days. This process can even be accelerated if conditions are optimal. A Mushroom Heat Mat could prove useful there.

If you are the type that likes to start from scratch and have full control of the Magic Mushroom cultivating process from start to finish, you might be interested in using spores from a spore syringe. Create your very own grow kit with a filter box and the proper substrate, and use a spore syringe for the inoculation of the substrate, injecting it with countless microscopic spores. How is that for a DIY-project!?

Sub Shops Zativo


As if Mother Nature Or Gaia herself had intended for us humans to be perpetually high, she has provided us mere mortals with a plethora of plants and seeds that will induce a natural 'state of enlightenment'. These botanicals can be found across the globe, hailing from mountainous and chilly regions, to the wet, humid rainforests and muggy tropics. One example would be cannabis of course, but our Plants and Seeds section takes things a bit further. Zativo carries cacti for example, that have instilled within them the power of Mescaline, another psychoactive compound that can send its consumer on a trip to the spiritual plane.

But there are many more products that we need to mention, such as Kanna, Kratom and Blue Lotus. And let us not forget Salvia, sold as dried leaves or in the form of a concentrated extract, that is considered one of the strongest legal highs we have. Be aware, the effects of Salvia are short, but incredibly intense. Just ask the intern.


For all cannabis enthusiasts we have an extensive collection of Headshop products with all kinds of smoking accessories such as smoking pipes, bongs, rolling papers and grinders. Of course we also have quite a few vaporizers in our range. Vaporizers evaporate the active ingredients instead of burning them. This makes a vaporizer a healthier option than smoking a joint or bong. But whether you're looking for some headshop products for yourself or as gifts for your friends; Zativo is the right place for you!

In our "Various" category you will find a number of interesting things like cultivation tools, drug tests, scales, incense, etc. For us it's difficult to imagine, but if you can't find what you are looking for, you can always take a look at our good friends from Zamnesia.


Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. Our seeds are exclusively sold as souvenirs. Germinating cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order.