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Zativo offers a huge selection of cannabis seeds from renowned breeders and seed banks including top quality seeds from Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Serious Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Dinafem, Greenhouse Seeds and many more. When you browse our cannabis seeds section, you can find quality seeds with the best genetics whether you’re looking for sativa, indica, feminized seeds, regular seeds or autoflowering seeds! We also carry CBD-rich seeds that are suited for medical cannabis users and for those who love them for their balanced effect. Find first-quality cannabis seeds here at Zativo!


Cannabis Seeds: Hundreds of different cannabis seeds roam this world


Where does the story begin? Today's cannabis originates from the Cannabaceae family, spanning back about 90 million years, which is approximately 87 million years before we homo sapiens roamed the earth's surface. So far, evidence shows that cannabis seeds have been involved in human life for around 10,000 years. Scientists discovered that “Cannabis sativa” was used in China for its fibres and medicinal properties, around 6000 years ago. Cannabis was also present in India, and utilised for various purposes. The Indian cannabis genetics differ from the Cannabis sativa in many ways, therefore it was coined as Cannabis indica. Archaeologists are still on the hunt to discover more about the ancient usage of cannabis and cannabis seeds.

Ancient use of Cannabis


Even though cannabis seeds look identical, they produce different types of plants. We will differentiate between various types of cannabis seeds in the following paragraphs. We will have a look at what they’re used for anfcrid what their growth characteristics are, among other facts.


Let’s begin with the sex of the plants. Cannabis is a trioecious cultivar, which entails three sexes in three separate plants, identified as female, male and hermaphroditic. They differ in appearance, growth, and function. So far, it’s almost impossible to distinguish the sex of the plants during the vegetative stage. During the first weeks of the flowering cycle, the plants will show female or male characteristics. Hermaphroditic plants are usually identified later during the flowering stage.

Female Cannabis Plants

Female plants develop white pistils shooting out from internodal areas, during the beginning of the flowering cycle. Afterwards, the number of pistils increases, from the same internodal regions. These pistils grow out of calyxes (cannabis flowers). Calyxes are tear-shaped, and comprise the majority of a bud. Later during the flowering stage, the pistils begin to curb and change colour from white to yellow, orange, and finally to brown. The pistil's function is to catch pollen and transport it to the centre of the calyxes, which in turn produce seeds.

Female plants develop resin, which contains high levels of THC, among other sought-after cannabinoids and terpenes. What we call “buds” is the compilation of calyxes, pistils, sugar leaves, and the stems that keep the buds intact.

Male Cannabis Plants

Male plants begin to develop pouches during the first stages of flowering. These pouches contain pollen and hang from small stems that are attached to internodal areas. The pollen's function is to pollinate the female plants, which in turn develop seeds, in order to reproduce. Male plants barely produce any THC, therefore they’re not used for recreational purposes. Usually, male plants are undesirable in cannabis gardens, because once the females become pollenized, the buds barely produce any THC and the yields become minimized. Male plants can, of course, be used for breeding purposes.

Female and male plants

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

Cannabis can also have hermaphroditic tendencies, which entails that female plants begin to produce pollen pouches, besides calyxes. This occurs when cannabis plants are under stress. The plants sense that chances of reproducing are extremely minimized. Therefore, as a last attempt to reproduce, female plants create pollen to self-pollinate and create seeds. It’s quite rare that males will begin to create calyxes under stress.


Regular seeds derive from female plants, which were pollinated by the male plants. There's a 50/50 chance that a regular seed will develop a male or female plant, with occasional cases of hermaphroditism.

Wait, aren’t female and feminized cannabis seeds the same thing? Not exactly. Cannabis growers were tired of eliminating males from the females and chucking out 50% of their garden onto the compost heap. There was a huge market for seeds that were 100% female. Cannabis experts made a grand discovery: when colloidal silver is applied to the female plant, she'll begin to produce pollen. When this pollen pollenizes the calyxes of the same, or another, female plant, the seeds will become 100% female, hence feminized.



Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, in 1785, discovered that Indian cannabis species should be differentiated from the already identified Cannabis sativa. Indica is a classical Greek and Latin word for India, therefore these plants were coined as Cannabis indica. These plants grow in dry desert areas and mountainous regions. Indica strains also derive from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other neighbouring countries. 

The classical indica traits are relatively short heights of 100cm, the leaf fingers become quite wide, and the buds become dense. Indica strains evolved to retain moist, whilst protecting themselves from the sun with a bushy physique. Also, indica varieties produce an abundance of resin, which helps the plants combat the harsh conditions of their geographical origins. Upon consumption, the effects are considered quite sedating, narcotic and couch-locking. Here are some examples of the dankest indicas out there.

GanjaMan Indica

Critical Kush by Barney’s Farm
If one wishes to have it all, Critical Kush will deliver on that desire. This strain generates massive yields in no time. The THC levels hit that 22-25% mark! Barney’s Farm is one of the most respected seedbanks out there; the quality of their seeds is impeccable!

LA Confidential by DNA Genetics
DNA Genetics created a legendary and world-renowned indica, coined as LA Confidential. The highs are superb; the relaxation sweeps in instantly after hitting that toke. This short plant generates an abundance of THC and flowers in no time.

The Kali by Big Buddha Seeds
The extraordinary Kali (Big Buddha Seeds) is a pure landrace Afghani, 100% indica. Big Buddha Seeds spent years perfecting this magnificence with a meticulous selecting and stabilizing process. Once this dank is toked, one does not simply go back to mediocre strains.

Cannabis indica and sativa


Sativa strains derive mostly from tropical areas, such as rainforests. They thrive under warm and humid conditions. Sativas originate from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, among other South-east Asian countries. These genetics can also be found anywhere from Central and South America to Sub-Saharan Africa. Sativa plants reach about 150-400cm in height, the buds are quite fluffy, and the leaf fingers are quite narrow. These attributes help sativas to thrive in tropical climates. Sativa strains usually induce more uplifting and energetic highs. Let’s explore the top 3 dankest sativa-dominant strains out there.

Chocolope by DNA Genetics
This strain, Chocolope, is pure chocolate heaven. DNA Genetics put blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting this cannabis strain. She is incredibly famous among sativa connoisseurs. Honestly, this is sativa perfection, ready to be included in luxurious ganja gardens.

Chocolate Haze by Royal Queen Seeds
The name of this strain says it all. Chocolate and Haze heaven is here. Royal Queen Seeds created this perfection to satisfy all the sativa enthusiasts out there. Chocolate Haze delivers the most energizing highs one can experience. The yields are bountiful and the THC levels surpass the 20% mark.

Freddy's Best by Dutch Passion
Freddy was a master grower that worked at Dutch Passion. He wished to leave a dank legacy behind. Freddy’s Best comprises Chocolope, Dutch Haze, and some additional Sativa/Haze genetics. This resulted in an impeccable sativa being conceived, which delivers solid yields, solid highs, and solid potency.

Cannabis sativa vs indica effects


Cannabis ruderalis, a.k.a. ruderalis, is a unique cannabis species. Ruderalis grows in cold northern climates, such as Northern Europe, Northern Russia, and Canada. These climates are quite cold for the plants, therefore, in order to reproduce, they need to develop seeds, fast. In these climates, there’s a window of 3 months when ruderalis can thrive, therefore it grows from seed to harvest in no time, in comparison to its indica and sativa counterparts. This variety does not contain significant amounts of THC, therefore it’s not used for recreational use. Although, in the past decades, breeders began to hybridize ruderalis with photoperiod plants to create so-called autoflowering varieties.



Plants that depend on the shifting of light duration, in order to progress their growth, are called photoperiod plants. Most cannabis strains need the light duration to decrease in order to develop buds. When the light duration declines, photoperiod cannabis plants interpret it as autumn, hence time to create buds. If one grows cannabis outdoors, photoperiod cannabis plants must be planted during a specific month, otherwise, the growth will not be perfectly matched to the light duration. Indoor growers can solve the light duration issue by leaving the lights on for 18h/day during the vegetative stage, and when it's time for the flowering cycle to kick in, the light cycle is switched to 12h/day.


Autoflowering cannabis strains began their journey in the 70’s. Ganja enthusiasts were experimenting with hybridizing indica and sativa strains with ruderalis. This was possible because Cannabis ruderalis belongs to the same family as Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Ruderalis strains are quite special, because they're not photoperiod plants. As explained earlier, they produce buds independently of the natural light cycle. In other words, they're autoflowering plants. 

Ruderalis cultivars barely contain any THC. Therefore, they are mixed with sativa and indica strains to produce substantial levels of THC, whilst retaining the autoflowering characteristics. After decades of perfecting these hybrids, dank autoflowering genetics were developed. Autoflowering plants stay relatively short. They generate medium levels of THC, and can develop buds with approximately 12 hours of light per day during the entire growth. Let's check out the dankest autoflowers out there.


Jack 47 Auto by Sweet Seeds
What happens when Jack Herer gets hybridized with AK-47 Auto? Well... Magic! Sweet Seeds coined this magic as Jack 47 Auto. The yields are immense and the THC levels are off the chain, considering her autoflowering genetics. This strain grows in 9-10 weeks, from seed to harvest.

Royal Dwarf by Royal Queen Seeds
This sativa-dominant autoflower produces a significant amount of resin. Royal Dwarf is a short plant, which is a best-seller strain due to its stable growth and impeccable highs. This beauty comprises Skunk and ruderalis genetics, which were carefully selected to develop the best of the best.

Blueberry Autoflowering by Zativo Seeds
The Blueberry Autoflowering is perfectly old-school. Zativo mixed Blueberry with high-class ruderalis genetics. The highs induced are off the charts; the sweet indica dominance catches the consumer in a typical indica net of relaxation and positivity. This short plant delivers solid yields and delicious flavours.

Zativo cannabis seeds


CBD has become a highly desirable cannabinoid during the past decade. It’s being used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Usually, cannabis seeds (not hemp seeds), develop plants with high THC levels, with CBD levels taking the backseat. Due to CBD’s high demand, many breeders develop CBD-rich strains among their recreational assortment. Here we present a few very noteworthy CBD-strains.

CBD Therapy by CBD Crew
CBD Crew specializes in breeding high-quality CBD-rich strains. Their strain CBD Therapy is relatively self-explanatory. This beautiful cultivar develops 8-10% of CBD, and only 0.5% of THC. The flowering period lasts only 8-9 weeks, and the aromas are magnificent.

CBD Critical Cure by Barney's Farm
Barney’s Farm decided to "step it up" on the CBD market. They hybridized their bestseller Critical Kush with a CBD-enhanced strain by Shanti Baba. This resulted in the ultimate mix, which delivers about 8% of CBD and 5.5% of THC. CBD Critical Cure develops bountiful yields full of CBD-rich buds.

Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem
When Dinafem mixed the legendary Shark Shock with a CBD Crew strain, there was no turning back. Shark Shock CBD came to light, spreading potent medicinal vibes, all over the world. The 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC makes this cultivar absolutely perfect for therapeutic use, with a high touch.

Medical GanjaMan



Since cannabis plants belong to the same family, they can be hybridized with each other. For example, a sativa strain can merge together with a landrace indica, their offspring can hybridize with Cannabis ruderalis, and so on. Any strain that has been mixed with another type of strain is considered a hybrid. Plants that haven't been hybridized are called landraces. Here are some top-notch hybrids that Zativo carries with pride.

The Church by Green House Seeds
Greenhouse Seeds develops some of the sickest strains known to mankind. They decided to mix together Swiss Sativa, Super Skunk, and Northern Lights. Their creation became so holy, they coined her as The Church. This hybrid delivers extreme yields and a perfect all-around high, induced by sativa and indica genetics.

White Widow by Royal Queen Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds delivers their version of the most legendary strain, praised by the ganja community. White Widow emerged in the mid-90’s as the ultimate strain, inducing a perfect indica chill and sativa awareness. Indoors, this medium-sized plant produces 450-500g/m² of buds, while outdoor growers will receive approximately 550-600g/plant.

Industrial Plant by Dinafem
This excellent hybrid delivers crazy yields. Industrial Plant generates about 1300g/plant of buds outdoors! Also, this cultivar finishes its flowering cycle after only 45-50 days! If one’s looking for a splendid hybrid and monstrous yields in no time, Industrial Plant by Dinafem is here to help.


Landrace cannabis strains derive from their original geographical spots, where they will have thrived for hundreds, thousands, or millions of years. Nowadays, it can be quite difficult to find true landraces, due to hybridized strains taking over the market, diluting the landrace origins. Both landraces and hybrids have the potential of developing immensely dank varieties.



There are several reasons why cannabis seeds are superior to clones, also know as cuttings. Of course, clones can generate incredibly high-quality buds, although seeds are much better, especially for smaller operations. Cannabis plants grown from seeds develop a taproot, which makes the plants stronger. One can choose the perfectly suited cannabis seed from the array of seedbanks found here at Zativo. Cannabis seeds don’t contain any pests or diseases, which can be a problem when working with clones. Also, you can’t get autoflowering varieties in clones, because of the way autoflowering plants function.


Seedbanks are banks containing seeds, in this case, cannabis seeds. But they don't simply store cannabis seeds! Seedbanks breed cannabis genetics, stabilizing and hybridizing the best strains, to produce seeds for ganja enthusiasts around the world. They all have their own vaults, filled with cannabis genetics, some of which are top secret and know only by insiders. One can spell seedbank as two words, "seed bank", although it’s been generally accepted among the cannabis community that the words should merge.

There are hundreds of seedbanks that specialize in improving cannabis genetics. Many seedbanks have a specific niche, which they will cater to. For example, CBD Crew delivers cannabis seeds that produce plants rich in CBD. Seeds Of Africa focusses on African cannabis genetics. And Auto Seeds holds producing only the best autoflowering seeds as their top priority.

We aim to provide our customers with seeds by the best breeders out there, so rest assured that you will find all the best seedbanks right here, at Zativo.

Cannabis seed banks

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Easy Germination

Cannabis Propagator

Cannabis Propagator


Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order.