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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 

Blue Cheese Autoflowering

Blue Cheese Autoflowering is available from the following breeder(s):

Blue Cheese Auto: Perhaps the most delicious strain in the universe

  • Genetics: 50% indica, 40% sativa and 10% ruderalis
  • Parents: Blueberry Auto x Cheese Auto
  • Flowering Period: 10 weeks from seed to harvest
  • Height: 40-80cm
  • Yield: 325-400g/m²
  • THC%: 15-17%

Some hybrids just work, it’s as simple as that. Blue Cheese Auto is a victorious hybrid which has delighted the human species with amazing vibes. Many ganja veterans appreciate this strain due to her next level genetics. She exudes spectacular scents, which can be experienced by growing this amazing cultivar. Before jumping into the specifics of Blue Cheese Auto, we must honour her parents - Blueberry and Cheese genetics.

The notorious and renown ganja genetics of Blueberry span back to Californian 70's. A breeder named Dj Short had meticulously hybridized and tested many varieties to ensure his legacy, providing future generations with pure gems as regards cannabis genetics. After his Blueberry hit the market, it was there to stay, with its magnificently berry-like flavours and impeccable indica vibes, deriving from Afghani genetics.

Cheese is another legendary strain which has been nurtured in UK’s underground weed operations. The UK’s cannabis culture is deeply involved with Skunk strains. The cerebral highs and extremely pungent scents can knock out the consumer; it's amazing. The breeders decided it was about time to step up the Skunk evolution, or the Skunk evolution was simply an inevitable development. The most pungent, cheesiest, and the most potent phenotypes were hybridized with each other for years. UK’s finest breeders were unprepared for the sheer power of their creation. Cheese became so powerful and delicious, that it dominates the cannabis world to this day.

When these two ultimate strains were hybridized with a high-class ruderalis plant, the threesome brought forth Blue Cheese Auto. This strain has all the best characteristics of its parents inherent in its composure; the blueberry indica vibes, mixed with Cheese power, and ruderalis autoflowering characteristics.


The cheesy flavours mixed with the fruity essence of Blueberry send indescribable sensations to our taste buds. Spicy, creamy, fruity, and skunky undertones accompany the prominent flavours of Blue Cheese Auto. If one wishes to bake a deliciously creamy pie, filled with berries and exotic fruits, one should seriously consider adding Blue Cheese Auto into the mix. A ganja high and delicious pie go hand in hand, just like peanut butter and jam... which could also be great to dig into once the inevitable munchies kick in.

The genetics are mostly indica dominant, although sativa genetics are very prominent as well. The physically stoned sensations are evident after hitting that toke. Cerebral highs, mostly induced by that Cheese magic, will deliver peaceful vibes and mighty insights about the universe. When the high cools down, the physically stoned effects persist for slightly longer, providing the toker with a classic, mellow post-weed experience. Even though this autoflowering variety is slightly less potent than its photoperiod counterpart, the THC-levels are still relatively high. Novice tokers should take precautions if the day comprises an abundance of tasks to fulfil.


The brief growing time of Blue Cheese Auto spans around 10 weeks, from seed to harvest. It's perfect for colder climates when the winter frost arrives quite early during the year. Autoflowering strains rarely need strings to support the buds, because they are quite short and compact. The short and solid growth of Blue Cheese Auto is perfect for beginners, because small amounts of nutrients are required to create amazing buds, and she generally requires less treatment. Indoors, one can expect around 420g/m² of chunky nugs, while outdoors, around 100g/plant can be expected. Different seedbanks, of course, deliver different genetics which may lead to variations in yield size, height, taste, flavour etc.

So there you have it, folks! Perfection condensed into a single seed, coined as Blue Cheese Auto. The possibilities of this excellence are vast, one must simply explore the nature of this cultivar by involving her in one’s ganja garden. With all the seed banks to choose from, Zativo has slightly narrowed down the selection to our favourite strains that carry Blue Cheese Auto genes.