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White Widow

White Widow is available from the following breeder(s):

White Widow: Mother of the 'White Family'

White Widow by Dinafem

  • Genetics: 60% indica - 40% sativa
  • Parents: Brazilian sativa x South Indian indica
  • Flowering period: 8-10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: 400-600g/m²
  • THC%: 20-22%

White Widow is one of the most renowned strains in Dutch cannabis history, putting her in the exclusive VIP section of our Hall of Fame. There are very few cannabis growers and/or smokers who have not heard of the infamous White Widow. You will find there are also very few who have not smoked her...

The name White Widow refers to the cannabis strain’s huge colas and abundance of leaves, all of which become covered with massive amounts of white crystal trichomes. There is so much that plants look like they are surrounded by a white haze as they get towards the end of their flowering period. White Widow is all about crystal production at its maximum.

Thanks to her appearance, hard impact, and high-quality standards, many growers and smokers believe that White Widow is the supreme mother of the informal cannabis subfamily known as the “White Family”. Only those strains that can match White Widow’s quality and abnormally high amount of white trichomes are included in this family.

It is not entirely clear which breeder is responsible for the creation of White Widow, and opinion is divided on the matter. The general public came into contact with White Widow when it was introduced in 1995 by Greenhouse Seeds at the High Times Cannabis Cup, in Amsterdam. Of course, she immediately took home the first prize.

After its introduction at the Cannabis Cup, White Widow’s popularity increased enormously and quickly became the standard for many growers and consumers worldwide. Ever since, White Widow has remained a #1 Amsterdam coffeeshop favourite – even to this day, giving her decades sitting at the top of the cannabis world.


White Widow ready for consumption!The taste and aroma of White Widow is clean, fresh and deep, with a distinct note of pine trees. When inhaled, subtle citrus flavours also come forward.

With an average THC content of 20-22%, White Widow belongs to the strongest cannabis strains on earth. As such, the effect of White Widow can be too overwhelming for some people; it is therefore not suitable for novice smokers - who have no idea what awaits them.

The effect of White Widow is almost instant, leading to an energetic and uplifting euphoria that can overflow into what some people might even call a psychedelic experience. These effects are due to White Widow’s strong sativa influences. The euphoric sativa effects change over time to a very strong indica effect - that ultimate feeling of relaxation. It has made White Widow an extremely popular choice for those wanting to kick back and chill on the sofa.


White Widow is a beautiful medium-sized indica/sativa hybrid, with a slight dominance on its indica side. The ratio is more or less 60% indica and 40% sativa. In addition to the above, White Widow is also very popular due to the fact that it is so easy to grow. She is not particularly demanding and is very forgiving to errors. This, of course, makes this impressive indica/sativa hybrid well suited to the novice grower.

White Widow is at its best when grown indoors. In this situation, she will rarely grow higher than 1 meter and has a flowering period of roughly 8-10 weeks. Although she is usually ready for harvest after 8 weeks, if you can wait a week or two extra, it will give her time to push even more trichomes to maturity. This is also the period where she develops the white haze that White Widow is famous for.

Growing White Widow indoors using soil can give incredible results. However, if you have the ability to grow with a hydro setup, she will leave you stunned and amazed with her results. In terms of yields, a good indoor grow using soil can result in a harvest between 400-500g/m². A highly experienced grower using a hydro setup can take things further, reaching the 600g/m² mark. Some seed banks claim that White Widow can produce up to 900g/m²; while this may be possible in extreme cases, it is rare, and we have never seen it happen in practice.

Despite the fact White Widow was perfected and honed for indoor cultivation, she can also provide excellent results outdoors. In this situation, White Widow can usually be harvested at the end of September, though it is sometimes better to wait until early/mid-October. If you give White Widow ample space to grow, do not be surprised if the plant reaches up to two meters in height - even going a little higher in some situations. Depending on the circumstances, White Widow cultivated outdoors can yield up to 800-900g/plant.

For specialists: White Widow is great for SOG and ScrOG. She is also highly suited for taking cuttings from!


Several seed banks offer White Widow, and its variations, as part of their catalogue. In addition, many of the other cannabis strains they have bred also contain White Widow genetics. Browse through the different versions of White Widow, and all strains related to her, that are available here at Zativo: