Shark Attack (Dinafem)

Shark Attack grows very aggressive and vigorous. Buds are expanding quickly when the right amount of fertilization is provided. This strain is a very good choice to treat various medical conditions. A soothing and relaxing effect can be expected. Great variety for both, indoors and outdoors. Mediterranean climates help to promote the aggressive attitude of Shark Attack. Non-swimmers stay at home!

Genetics 70% indica - 30% sativa
Parents Super Skunk x White Widow
Flowering period 50-55 days
THC% 12-16%
CBD% High
Yield (indoor) 500g/m²
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) 900g/plant
Height (outdoor) 2.5m
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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Shark Attack: Indica-dominant strain with quite a bite

Stay out of the water! Unless you're the willing victim of a shark attack, of course. Shark Attack is lurking in the deepest corners of Dinafem's vaults, and it’s ready to strike. With its legendary heritage of Super Skunk and White Widow, this cultivar was designed as a predator.

The power of Shark Attack derives mostly from its 70% indica dominance, so expect focus and relaxation. The 30% sativa genes will make you feel courageous enough to step outside of your bubble and take on whatever comes your way.

Shark Attack generates dank nugs within a short flowering period of 50-55 days. During the last stages of flowering, this cultivar will produce dense buds that will require lower humidity levels for ultimate quality.

If you wish to harvest serious yields, Shark Attack will create an army of crystal-covered buds. This cultivar performs well outdoors and indoors. If you’re into outdoor operations, you can expect up to 900g/plant. Indoor growers shall embrace up to 500g/m² of bud. Make sure to provide Shark Attack with required fertilization to promote healthy and vigorous growth.

Shark Attack will be relatively short when grown indoors, although outdoor growers can see this beast grow up to 250cm! Keep that in mind while planning the ganja-growing logistics.

Not only does Shark Attack possess up to 16% of THC, but it also contains high levels of CBD. Don’t be afraid, Shark Attack will not bite if you treat her right.

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