White Widow XXL Autoflowering (Dinafem)

The breeders of Dinafem created White Widow XXL Autoflowering by backcrossing White Widow Auto with an elite clone of White Widow. This indica-dominant monster needs a life cycle of 80 days to produce between 60 and 170g/plant. The bud structure is very compact and dense. Aromas are heavily present, bittersweet, and can remind of wild summer flowers. The effect is great for deep relaxation.

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Parents White Widow x White Widow Auto
Flowering period 80 days from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 400-450g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 60-170g/plant
Height (outdoor) Medium
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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White Widow XXL Autoflowering: Dinafem's autoflowering contribution to the White Widow family

The crew at Dinafem reached the pinnacle of evolution of the White Widow strain. With the White Widow XXL Autoflowering, they created an indica-dominant 3rd generation autoflowering hybrid that is an amazing addition to the White Widow family. It is the result of crossing an autoflowering White Widow with a unique White Widow clone. Genetically, the White Widow XXL Autoflowering is a perfect mix of indica, sativa and ruderalis genes.

With this specific backcrossing, Dinafem succeeded at making an easy-to-grow, vigorous plant. It will thrive indoors and outdoors reaching a medium height and producing compact buds covered in resin. For indoor growers, it is good to know that the strain will be very thankful if you mix 30% of coco with the soil. Not only are the buds frosty as they get, the White Widow XXL Autoflowering will produce a great average yield of 400-450g/m² indoors and 60-170g when grown outdoors. And all of that in 80 days after the seed sprouts.

The final product is full of flavor and potency. Those resin-oozing buds we mentioned earlier will radiate an intense, bittersweet aroma that has a note of wild flowers to it. The aroma forebodes a heavy-hitting smoke that will keep you busy for some time. The THC ratio will reach a medium level, while the strain is low on CBD. A typical indica high, it is powerful and soothing and will help you to deeply relax which shows its therapeutic qualities.

If you have troubles choosing the perfect White Widow variety for your grow, we really recommend you to take a look at the White Widow XXL Autoflowering from Dinafem. An abundant producer of sticky buds that pack a heavy, indica high, this offspring in the White Widow family is a keeper.

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