California Hash Plant (Dinafem)

This is a stable classic, specifically tailored to the needs of Indica lovers seeking noticeable hash flavours in their final product. A crossing of the sticky California Hash Plant and the heavy-yielding Northern Lights is most likely to turn out awesome. It did. This is a sturdy strain, suitable to outdoor growing in tough weather conditions. Can yield up to 500g/m² in 50 days of flowering.

Genetics 90% indica - 10% sativa
Parents California Hash Plant x Northern Lights
Flowering period 45-50 days
THC% 8-12%
CBD% Medium
Yield (indoor) 500g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 1100g/plant
Height (outdoor) 2.5m
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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California Hash Plant: Dinafem's indica superstar for full-body relaxation

California Hash Plant by Dinafem is an indica for the discerned indica lover, with 90% indica genes and 10% sativa. Bred by crossing the California Hash Plant with crowd-favorite Northern Lights, this plant is known for its heavy-yielding harvest of sticky buds. The result is a sturdy plant with a relaxing body high and low psychoactive effects.

The California Hash Plant is a plant of average height; it grows wide and bush-like with an outdoor height of 250cm. It branches outwards with big, dark leaves. Because the nodes form so close together, the branches cover themselves in flowers; indoor grows will yield 500g/m², and outdoor grows yield 1100g/plant. This variety has an especially fast-flowering time of 45-50 days, with the outdoor harvest time being end of September / early October. Bonus: This strain is particularly good at resisting mildew!

The flavour and aroma of the California Hash Plant is sweet and mild, with a hash taste. The THC tests at 8-12%, with the CBD in the medium range. Giving this strain low psychoactive effect, perfect for those looking for insomnia relief. The California Hash Plant is thought to have similar qualities of hashish.

The California Hash Plant has a full-body relaxing, sedative effect which makes it an excellent companion for Sunday afternoon naps on the couch, sleepily lounging outside, or even getting a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s adventures.

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