Dinamex (Dinafem)

Dinafem came up with a new idea to satisfy European cannabinoid receptors. Imported US genetics from Cali Sour and Emerald OG Kush led to surprising effects and “new” feelings, most European smokers haven’t experienced yet. Overall performance of this plant is astonishing. Noticeable flavours are tropical/exotic with an oily, lemon-like finish. It flowers fast and yields are HIGH. Stop staring!

Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Cali Sour x Emerald OG Kush
Flowering period 60-65 days
THC% High
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 550g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 600-800g/plant
Height (outdoor) 3m
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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Easy Germination

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Dinamex: Bred for ganja connoisseurs by Dinafem

Dinamex is one of a kind - rare and unique. Dinamex provides you with an opportunity to expand your horizons and embrace this ganja anomaly. The aromas will travel up your nostrils, make you close your eyes, and induce nostalgic memories of lemonade and exotic fruits. A long-lasting physical and cerebral high can be expected, due to Dinamex’s perfect balance of sativa and indica genetics. After consuming Dinamex, you may feel like you're surfing on the fabric of the universe.

Dinamex is the progeny of Cali Sour and Emerald OG Kush. With its high THC levels and rapid flowering time of 60-65 days, Dinamex is a solid cultivar that will finish in no time, just treat her right with the correct fertilisation, humidity, and temperature levels etc.

The indoor yields amount to 550g/m², while outdoors, Dinamex produces up to 800g/plant. Plants may become 300cm tall. The yields are solid, but not enormous. The quality and uniqueness of this strain definitely compensate for that fact. A great advantage of Dinamex is the fluffiness of the buds; they can handle higher humidity levels.

Dinafem bred Dinamex for an easy-to-grow experience. If you’re into regular mainstream strains, Dinamex may not be for you. This cultivar is manufactured specifically for ganja connoisseurs!

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