1 - Best Hash Extraction at Expogrow Cup 2014

Cheese Autoflowering (Dinafem)

Cheese Autoflowering by Dinafem originates from the crossing of Critical + with a first generation Cheese Auto. The result is a new and improved, stable, vigorous and easy to grow autoflowering strain that produces the classic dank flavour and deep stone of Cheese. Cheese Autoflowering goes from seed to harvest in 70 days and can produce up to 60g/plant indoors, or 135g/plant outdoors.

Genetics 60% indica - 40% sativa - ruderalis
Parents Critical+ x Cheese Auto
Flowering period 10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% 9-12%
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 25-60g/plant
Height (indoor) 60-100cm
Yield (outdoor) 40-135g/plant
Height (outdoor) 60-135cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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1 - Best Hash Extraction at Expogrow Cup 2014

Cheese Autoflowering: Dinafem's automatic Cheese variety

Cheese Autoflowering is an indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid strain made by the expertss at Dinafem. It is a cross between a first generation Cheese Auto and Critical+, improving the already amazing autoflowering Cheese. The gene ratio is in favor of indica genes at 60:40, which you will experience when the potent body stone hits you for the first time.

Dinafem is a seedbank of the highest standard and they make sure that their strains can be grown in most conditions. Cheese Autoflowering is no different as it can be grown indoors and will reach its full potential outdoors. As the indica genes are dominant, so do the plant's traits lean more to that side. It grows to a maximum height of 135cm and goes from seed to harvest in 70 days, thus making it great for more stealthy grows. The strain will produce 60g/plant indoors and 135g/plant outdoors.

A classic Cheese aroma is the highlight of this strain, one that keeps people coming back for more. The flavor is decadent and rich with hints of fresh flowers and pungent cheese. With THC levels at 12% and CBD levels higher than the first generation, Cheese Autoflowering will hit you with a long-lasting and powerful stone; a deep body stone, perfect for relaxing.

Winner of the Best Hash Extraction at Expogrow 2014, Cheese Autoflowering is an easy-to-grow, vigorous strain that will blow you away with its taste and potency. If you are a lover of varieties of the original Cheese strain, this prize winner from Dinafem will keep you satisfied for a long time.

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