Moby Dick 2 (Dinafem)

Take a look at Moby Dick 2. This beautiful, heavy-yielding and fast flowering cannabis plant is both, eye-catcher and premium bud producer. Northern Lights added a lot of genetics which helped to increase yields significantly. Outdoors, heavy yields of up to 1000g are possible. Some phenotypes grow to the size of medium-sized trees. The effect is top-shelf, powerful and very clear. Excellent!

Genetics 55% sativa - 45% indica
Parents JYD Haze x Northern Lights
Flowering period 60-70 days
THC% 16-20%
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 475g/m²
Height (indoor) Tall
Yield (outdoor) 1000g/plant
Height (outdoor) 3.5m
Harvest time (outdoor) Mid/end October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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Moby Dick 2: A worthy successor to Dinafem's popular Moby Dick

Moby Dick #2 by Dinafem is a sativa-dominant hybrid and the successor to Moby Dick, Dinafem's most popular creation. It is a cross between a JYD Haze mother plant and a highly productive Northern Lights father. With careful breeding, Dinafem created another whale of a strain with monstrous yields. The gene ratio is at 55:45 in favor of sativa genes.

Moby Dick #2 is a vigorous and easy-to-grow strain that will thrive in most conditions, be it indoors or outdoors. However, it will go crazy in a Mediterranean climate, reaching a height of 350cm and producing a ridiculous yield of 1000g/plant by the end of October. Northern Lights genetics play a major part in producing these heavy yields, the indoor average being at 475g/m², and give way for a shorter flowering time of 60-70 days.

You will be amazed by the bag appeal of these buds. Rich in flavor, they smell and taste of lemons, spice, and sandalwood. The buds are covered in resin and aren’t lacking in the THC department, with THC levels at 16-20% ensuring a powerful high that is cerebral and long-lasting. A great smoke for unwinding at the end of the day or having a relaxed time at social gatherings.

Dinafem did a great job at creating a worthy follow-up to their original Moby Dick strain. Moby Dick #2 continues its legacy of gigantic yields full of dense, resinous buds, brimming with flavor. Don’t wait too long to fire your harpoon at a tremendous strain like this.

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