Sour Diesel Autoflowering (Dinafem)

Crossing Sour Diesel with Haze 2.0 resulted in a vigorously growing, medium-sized hybrid which combines oily aromas of Diesel with proven qualities of White Widow. One can expect elongated buds with large amounts of sticky resin. The genetic blend of aromatic characteristics ensures a pleasurable and smooth smoke. Fresh flavours of ripe fruit, with an oily/woody finish, go along with Haze aromas.

Genetics Indica/Sativa autoflowering
Parents Sour Diesel x Haze 2.0 Auto
Flowering period 70 days from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 400-450g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 50-170g/plant
Height (outdoor) 75-160cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dinafem
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Sour Diesel Autoflowering: Harvest Sour Diesel in 70 days

The crew at Dinafem always had a special place in their hearts for the original Sour Diesel strain. One day they decided that an autoflowering variety of Sour Diesel should be created and that’s how we got this beauty of a strain. Sour Diesel Autoflowering is a sativa-dominant autoflowering hybrid strain that was bred by crossing a Sour Diesel and a Haze 2.0 Autoflowering.

Suited both for indoor and outdoor grows, it is a vigorous, medium-sized strain that is great for beginner growers. Easy to grow, as it is quick to flower - 70 days from seed to harvest. It produces thick, elongated buds that are covered in resin. These sticky buds will account for an average indoor yield of 400-450g/m². It is advised to use a moderate amount of fertilizers for this strain and to add 30% of coco to the soil to improve oxygenation.

The Sour Diesel lineage is renowned for its pungent aroma. A powerful Diesel aroma will hit you first and after that, you will experience fruity and oily undertones with a citrus aftertaste. This blend will make for a very smooth and pleasurable smoke that is followed by a great, mostly sativa high. With the THC count reaching medium to high levels, you will feel an energetic cerebral buzz which will transform into body relaxation.

If you are a fan of the Diesel varieties we recommend you check out the Sour Diesel Auto from Dinafem. It takes all the best from the original Sour Diesel with some ruderalis genes thrown into the mix. An amazing hybrid that will please any cannabis enthusiast.

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