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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 

Jack Herer Autoflowering

Jack Herer Autoflowering is available from the following breeder(s):


  • Genetics: 50% sativa, 40% indica and 10% ruderalis
  • Parents: Jack Herer x ruderalis
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest
  • Height: 40-80cm
  • Yield: 400g/m²
  • THC: 16%

What can be said about Jack Herer that hasn't been said before? You all are more than familiar with this name and if not, you should do your cannabis homework right now! Both the activist and strain are much beloved in the cannabis community. Till this date, Jack Herer is probably one of - if not the - most well-known strains known to mankind and for good reason. The original Jack Herer is a very good yielder but the best thing about it is its effect. Somehow, the effect of Jack Herer seems to please everyone, be it cannabis newbies or experienced tokers. It is balanced but potent enough to satisfy nearly every kind of toker. Although it is now an older strain you can still find it in pretty much every coffee shop in Amsterdam or dispensaries in the USA.

But this article is about the little sister of the original: Jack Herer Auto. With the boom of autoflowering strains, it would have been a shame if no one had decided to create an automatic version of this wonderful strain. And, actually, there are quite a few seedbanks who got into it. You can purchase seeds of Jack Herer Auto from Royal Queen Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds or our own line Zativo Seeds here in our shop. They all are great takes on this famous beast. Everything it needed was the crossing of Jack Herer with ruderalis genetics and there you have it - Jack Herer Auto. It is a strain that has all the best qualities from the original but with a shortened flowering time and a more manageable height.


This solid autoflowering plant exudes a fresh, peppery Haze-like aroma. The taste on the other side is also fresh but smooth and tends more to spicy and herbal notes. In both the taste and the aroma there are earthy undertones present. Overall, the bouquet and flavour are pretty similar to the original Jack Herer which is the best one could hope for in this autoflowering variety. Who would have changed anything about this delicious treat?

Moreover, you get the same uplifting and energetic high that the ancestor is so well-known for. This is some strong, sativa-dominant marijuana! Though you get the cerebral kick and crystal-clear high of a sativa there is still that added relaxation in the effect which was always a trademark of Jack Herer. The indica heritage in this strain is powerful and makes for a long-lasting physical stone. But don't be fooled, Jack Herer Auto is mainly an intense, ass-kicking strain that induces inspiration and motivation. It is really something for all kinds of activities - smoking with friends and having nice social interactions or be alone and dive into some deep, philosophical insights.

Patients report that Jack Herer Auto helps them with stress, anxiety, migraines and depression. Furthermore, you can ease pain or any other physical condition. Like said above, this lady has something to offer to everyone from medical users, beginners to recreational daily consumers.


The plant is suited well for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. It especially excels in environments where height is an issue because it stays very short with 40-80cm indoor and maximal 100cm outdoor. Due to its autoflowering genes, Jack Herer is able to complete its life cycle in only 9-10 weeks. Ever wanted the great Jack Herer in the shortest possible period of time? Chances are you found your next crop.

This variety develops strong side branches that can hold a lot of precious buds. Indoor growers can achieve something around 400g/m² while outdoor gardeners can harvest up to 100g/plant. Some breeders even claim that their Jack Herer Auto can produce a staggering 700g/m² indoors in the hands of seasoned growers. That challenges even the highest-yielding feminized strains! The plant will look beautiful when it is time for harvest since it is covered with resin-filled and glistening trichomes. It is a great cultivar for any cannabis garden!