Jack Herer Autoflowering (Zativo Seeds)

Jack Herer was one of the most prolific activists of our time, and this autoflowering version of this illustrious strain is no different. A mixture of Jack Herer x Ruderalis, this great strain goes from germination to harvest in 10 weeks.

Genetics 50% sativa - 40% indica - 10% ruderalis
Parents Jack Herer x ruderalis
Flowering period 10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% 16%
CBD% Medium
Yield (indoor) 400g/m²
Height (indoor) 40 - 80cm
Yield (outdoor) 70g/plant
Height (outdoor) 75-100cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Zativo Seeds
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Easy Germination

Easy Germination

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Cannabis Propagator


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Jack Herer Autoflowering - Ready to harvest in just 10 weeks

Jack Herer is possibly one of the most well-known advocates and paragons of the cannabis community. He famously authored the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and widely campaigned for the global acceptance and legalization of both marijuana and hemp. The illustrious strain named after him is no less of a powerhouse, with its intense uplifting high and exquisite spicy taste. We are pleased to announce, through some rigorous breed and trial and error, we can now bring you legendary strain in an autoflowering form.

Our Jack Herer Autoflowering stays true to its heritage. It has the same spicy taste and aroma and same earthy undertones. The smoke is full, smooth and delightful. The high induced is one that has an intense, cerebral dominance, carrying you away on the clouds as it uplifts, inspires and motivates. If you are looking to gain that extra bit of insight, or knuckle down, drowning out unnecessary distractions around you, Jack Herer Autoflowering will come to your aid. It has an indica side to it too. This will creep through your body, easing tension and pain. Jack Herer Autoflowering is perfect for both smoking by yourself or sharing with friends, unlocking the philosophers within yourselves enabling you to chatting the day away.

Medical users will find a bastion of safety from the onslaught of stress, anxiety, pain and depression when using this great strain. It will also go some way to help relieve the symptoms of pain, migraines and other physical ailments.

Being an automatic, you do not have to wait long for Jack Herer Autoflowering to come to fruition. The process of germination to harvest usually takes around 10 weeks. The autoflowering side of things also lends an advantage to the guerrilla growers out there, growers who do not have enough time or capacity to tend to their crops discreetly – you can plant these and leave them to it for the most part, checking in every now and again to make sure they have what they need. As it grows towards maturity it will become covered in a thick forest of clear, resin filled trichomes - it is beautiful, making your plant look like it has caught the early morning dew, glistening in the sun. Jack also rewards you for your effort, you can expect a yield of around 400g/m2 of some medical grade marijuana.

Jack Herer Autoflowering is a beast of a strain, all in an easy to manage, autoflowering package. If you want some intense cerebral highs and comfortable body stones all in one strain then Jack Herer Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the ones for you.

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