Blue Cheese (Zativo Seeds)

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Not only gourmets will like Blue Cheese - with 19% THC and a medium high CBD content you know you are in for strong high. This blend of cheese and berry produces 450-500g/m² within only 7-8 weeks of flowering. The sweet and fruity aroma of Blueberry perfectly compliments the musky, earthy aroma of Cheese.

Genetics 60% indica - 40% sativa
Parents Blueberry x Cheese
Flowering period 7-8 weeks
THC% 19%
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 450-500g/m²
Height (indoor) 100-160cm
Yield (outdoor) 425-475g/plant
Height (outdoor) 2m
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Zativo Seeds
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Blue Cheese - Mix of Blueberry and Cheese

Not only gourmets will like this blend of cheese and berry. Crossing Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry Blend resulted in a plant with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa in its genetics. Despite the superiority of Indica genes Blue Cheese manages to grow up to a height of 100-160cm when reared in the grow room. Grown outdoors, the smallest specimen will reach only 140cm, but you will also see some plants scratching at the 2m mark, so choose your site wisely.

Her Indica heritage really shines through when it comes to the flowering time, for she reaches her prime in the grow room after only 7-8 weeks. In an outdoor grow the time for harvesting comes in late September. The sweet and fruity Cheese scent starts to just a few weeks after the first flowers have developed and continues to develop and intensify as the plant heads for maturity. The flavor is a perfect blend of the aromas of her parents - the sweet, fruity flavor of Blueberry perfectly compliments the musky, earthy aroma of Cheese.

In an indoor grow you can expect a yield of 450-500g/m² - outdoors a single plant can deliver 425-475 grams. The intense smell and flavor of the buds contain a reference to the potency, for Blue Cheese really buckles down when it comes to cannabinoid production. With 19% THC and a medium high CBD content in the properly dried end product you know you are in for strong high. Noobs, you have been warned! Pros will probably see a good candidate for BHO production in her.

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