Critical Autoflowering (Zativo Seeds)

This is a pure, classic Critical in an autoflowering package. By crossing Critical with Ruderalis, we have maintained the great taste and effect of the famous Critical strain whilst ensuring you receive an easy to manage, fast growing cannabis strain that delivers big yields. Critical Autoflowering goes from germination to harvest in just 9 weeks.

Genetics 60% indica - 30% sativa - 10% ruderalis
Parents Critical x ruderalis
Flowering period 9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% 14%
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 350-400g/m²
Height (indoor) 55-65cm
Yield (outdoor) 80g/plant
Height (outdoor) 70-90cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Zativo Seeds
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Easy Germination

Easy Germination

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Cannabis Propagator


Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 


Critical Autoflowering - From germination to harvest in just 9 weeks

Critical is a strain that is characterized by its juicy, sweet flavor, strong growth and relaxing body stone. Our Critical Autoflowering is no different. We have taken the renowned genetics of Critical, and through a lot of trial and error, combined it with ruderalis to create a stable strain that exhibits all the great qualities of its parent.

Critical Autoflowering has an extreme sweetness, it has followed in its sire's footsteps in making sure that the smoker is hit with the intense flavor that makes this family of weed so popular. She will induce a strong body stone that has huge potential to lay you out. You will feel completely relaxed, making it an ideal choice for chilling in evening on the sofa, letting the world wash by you. The potency of Critical Autoflowering makes it an ideal strain for the medical user. Those suffering from chronic pain, sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, muscle spasms and most other physically related ailments will really benefit.

As Critical Autoflowering grows it produces an abundance of tight, resin covered buds. You can expect to see the long internodal length that is typical of the Critical family - giving the plant a beautifully open and airy look. She reaches an average height of about 80cm and is ready for harvest roughly 9 weeks after germination. She is also very easy to manage, which makes here a good choice for novice growers, guerrilla cultivators and those looking for their first automatic strain. Critical Autoflowering will produce yields in the region of 70-80g per plant – quite a haul considering how quick it grows. This can lead to some great regular yields if grown in a crop rotation.

Critical Autoflowering has a lot going for it, it grows fast, has bountiful yields, tastes amazing and induces a high that really does deliver a critical hit to the user. If you are not careful this champion can knock you to the floor - any fan of Critical will find a lot to love here.

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