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Gorilla Bomb (Bomb Seeds)

Straight from the deepest corners of the jungle, Gorilla Bomb has emerged as an extremely potent beast that plans to overhaul the world with its mighty bud. By mixing Gorilla Glue with THC Bomb, Bomb Seeds have created an uncontainable monstrosity. Mighty as a gorilla, Gorilla Bomb is extremely potent with its 25% THC levels. Yepp, that’s right, a quarter of this strain will become pure THC.

Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Gorilla Glue x THC Bomb
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
THC% 25%
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 400-550g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) Unknown
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Bomb Seeds
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Gorilla Bomb: Gorilla Glue mixed with THC Bomb to great effect

Bomb Seeds received a Gorilla Glue #4 pheno, which they honored by hybridizing it with their established THC Bomb strain. As the name suggests, Gorilla Glue is an incredibly gooey strain that creates so much resin that it glues the scissor blades together after just minutes of trimming. It’s the stickiest of all! When THC Bomb was introduced, the scientists at Bomb Seeds worried whether they were pushing nature too far, but once they had created Gorilla Bomb, there was no turning back - this gorilla of a strain was unleashed and would not be contained!

This cultivar can handle higher amounts of nutrients, from vegetative to flowering stage. Just be careful not to overdo it - even the greatest of the strains have their limits. You can expect the yields to reach about 550g/m², which is a fantastic amount considering its 9-10 week flowering period. The heights are medium, so make sure to give it space.

There’s no reason to wait. This magnificent hybrid, with its sweet & sour chocolate flavors and impeccable highs, will mist its way into your consciousness and deliver long-lasting smiles. When you’re trimming this cultivar, prepare yourself for extreme stickiness. If you’re a novice smoker, insert trace amounts of this brute into your vape and enjoy.

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