Extreme XL Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mckennaii

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The Mckennaii strain of Psilocybe cubensis is said to be even stronger than the popular Hawaiian strain, and even easier to cultivate! This strain is definitely recommended for the more experienced and visually interested psychonauts, due to its highly philosophical and strong, visual components. This kit contains not the usual 1200ml, but 2100ml of mycelium-colonized cake for over-the-yop yields.

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Extreme XL Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mckennaii: Heavy Shroom Output, Minimal Input

Psilocybe cubensis Mckennaii is named after the famous teacher, writer and philosopher, Terence Mckenna. Besides a scholar, Mckenna was also an active advocate for the responsible use of natural, psychoactive plants.

With the Extreme XL Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mckennaii you are able to maximise yields thanks to the 2100ml of mycelium it contains. Growing mushrooms has never been more simple – all that is needed are the contents of this kit, water and a little patience! These kits produce multiple flushes (up to 7 flushes are not seldom if treated correctly.)

These kits come ready to use as they arrive on your doorstep and are very easy to handle. Simply remove the lid, and place it in the filter bag. Spray water on the inside of the bag in order to create a humid atmosphere once a day and seal, then watch your mushrooms grow! Optimal growth occurs at around 24-25°C in a sterile environment. The cleaner your work space and tools, the more flushes you will get.

2100ml XL Grow Kit
Grow bag
Bag clip

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