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Smoking Medical Marijuana

Smoking is the most common form of marijuana use. It is a quick and effective method of getting marijuana’s active ingredients into the bloodstream. This gets the cannabinoids to the brain extremely quickly, with the patient usually feeling a high almost instantly. The dosage is also very easy to control when smoking, you will find most dispensaries will have advice on just how much to use when using this method in consumption.

One of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana is with a joint. This is basically a roll up cigarette with marijuana in it. Depending on the smoker's preference they can either smoke it with or without tobacco, some people feel it enhances the flavor and experience, whilst other think it takes away from it. Joints are extremely versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere on the go. The big draw back is the smell, joints produce a lot of pungent odor that make them very obvious – it can be very hard to smoke a joint discreetly.

The next way for medical users to smoke is by making a blunt. This is basically a cigar version of a joint, using cigar wrap. They burn for longer and more bud can be packed into it allowing for a prolonged experience, it can also be extinguished and re-lit with relative ease. It should be noted that blunts can be significantly harder to make then a joint, they also have the same odor disadvantage as smoking a joint.

Bongs are also a viable option for medical users looking for a fast hit. You get a good, clean, lung filling hit that goes straight into the bloodstream. The main advantage of using a bong is the water filtration. As the smoke passes through the water it looses a lot of its heat making for a smoother experience. The water also filters out a lot of the larger particles such as tar and ash, improving the quality and cleanliness of the smoke itself by reducing the amount of impurities. The disadvantage of a bong tends to be its size, it can be quite hard to transport about. This should not be a problem for medical users though as most will use it within the privacy of their own homes.

Other methods of smoking include using a pipe, hot-knifing and waterfalling, just to name a few. There are many methods out there that have their advantages and disadvantages with no decisive answer as to which would be best. It can vary from patient to patient and basically comes down to personal preference.

Health risks of smoking:

It is unfortunate, but as most people know, smoking, especially with tobacco in the mix, is an unhealthy way to go about things – it is certainly not the most healthy way of using medical cannabis. Long term inhalation of cannabis smoke is associated with the decline of pulmonary functions as the smoke contains carbon monoxide and tar. When used with tobacco then you also get all of the chemicals and problems from that as well.

There are several methods to combat this should you be set on smoking. Firstly, you can increase the potency of the marijuana you are smoking by choosing a stronger strain, you will need less of it to get relieve your symptoms, thus reducing the amount of smoke you inhale. Another method would be to smoke hash and other cannabis concentrates. This is effectively the same as increasing the potency of your bud as there will be a higher concentrate of cannabinoids present, thus requiring less smoke to relieve your symptoms.

So to summarize:

Pros of Smoking:

  • Takes effect very quickly
  • Can be a satisfying experience, especially for tobacco smokers
  • It is easy to judge doses
  • A 2-3 hour period of relief
  • It can be a flavorful experience
  • It is easy to do

Cons of Smoking:

  • Inhalation of tar and carbon monoxide, long term use leading to decline in pulmonary function
  • Constant use required throughout the day for chronic disorders
  • Smoking limits the places you can administer medication due to unsubtle odors
  • It is dangerous to travel with
  • Many active ingredients are destroyed during combustion, making smoking less effective then some other methods.

Disclaimer: Please note, we are not doctors nor are we qualified to give medical advice. We cannot accept any responsibility should your experience of medical marijuana differ in any way from what is described in this article. The above information is based on the experience of others, we have not conducted our own medical research. If you want to be sure, please ask your doctor.