Magic Mushroom Heat Mat

Grow your magic mushrooms even faster with the Magic Mushroom Heat Mat! The heat mat gives your brood the optimal temperature for fast growth and it can help to reduce cases of aborts greatly. No need to turn up the heat in your home any longer. This heat mat is easy to use and it’s affordable too - it uses a meager 5 watts of power so you can leave it on, 24/7, 365 days a year. Size: 13 x 27.4cm

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Easy Germination

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Cannabis Propagator


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Magic Mushroom Heat Mat: Boosts your Shrooms' Growth Speed

If you want to grow your magic mushrooms as quickly as possible and with little risk for aborts, you will want to provide them with an ideal climate, specifically with the ideal temperature. At lower temperatures, your mushrooms will grow at a slower rate, with stunted growth and a higher percentage of aborts. The Magic Mushroom Heat Mat is set to 24°C, the temperature that magic mushrooms thrive best at.


To avoid overheating, make sure there is space between the bottom of your grow kit and the heat mat. Find a way of elevating the grow kit so that air can flow freely between the heat mat and the kit. You can use anything that is heat-resistant, like bottle corks, a small wire rack or shot glasses, to prop your grow kit on, then just slide the Magic Mushroom Heat Mat underneath. Make sure that the grow kit is inside the bag cover. This helps to maintain an optimal climate for your mushrooms.

You can turn the heat mat on by plugging it into a power outlet, it's simple as that. But do make sure that the magic mushroom heat mat never gets wet!

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