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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 



Cannabis cultivars and smokers like sativa cannabis strains for a variety of reasons. Growers can look forward to enormous harvests since sativas in general have bigger yields as compared to indica strains. Connoisseurs love sativas because of their earthy and spicy aroma that gives a pleasant and very satisfying smoking experience. Another big reason why many enjoy sativas is that their effect is energetic and uplifting and doesn’t usually come with the knockdown and dreaded “couch lock” effect. This makes sativa strains the ideal day-time smoke. Sativas can boost your imagination and creativity and they can energize you so you can stay active during the day. Our list of the top 10 sativa cannabis strains can help to find your favourite in no time! PS: These strains are (almost) pure sativa strains, not sativa-dominant.

1. Chocolope (DNA Genetics)

  • 95% sativa - 5% indica
  • OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
  • 8-9 weeks

Chocolope by DNA Genetics is one of their bestselling strains. Looking at her many qualities, this isn’t really surprising at all. This sativa-heavy strain is super easy to grow so that even less experienced growers can expect excellent results with just a little basic care. Chocolope doesn’t just grow massively sized buds that will guarantee big harvests after her 8-9 weeks flowering time. If you let her, she can grow very tall but you can easily get her under control with some simple topping or training. DNA Genetics created Chocolope from a cross of OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze and were able to keep all the great Chocolate Thai qualities, like her fantastic chocolate flavor that makes her a favorite of many smokers. Not only has Chocolope won already countless rewards. She has a flawless 100% record in any competition she enters, thanks to her outstanding qualities.

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2. Utopia Haze (Barney's Farm)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Brazilian sativa landrace
  • 10-11 weeks

Barney’s Farm created Utopia Haze by backcrossing a Brazilian landrace. Over a 3 year time period, they carefully selected plants with the best genetics until they got a desired a stable phenotype. With Utopia Haze, Barney’s Farm was able to create a sativa strain that impresses with vigorous growth, high yields and unique flavor and aroma. Growers like that the strain is quite hardy and that she is easy to grow with a natural resistance against mold and various diseases. In optimal conditions, the plant can grow as tall as 100cm and can yield up to 500-600g per square meter. Smokers like her flavor that has refreshing notes of citrus and mint. With a high THC content of 22%, Utopia Haze’s effect is very potent. She will give a long lasting cerebral and heavenly uplifting high.

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3. Chocolate Haze (Zativo Seeds)

  • 95% sativa - 5% indica
  • OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
  • 8-10 weeks

Chocolate Haze by Zativo Seeds combines a number of great qualities into one outstanding strain. It has everything you could expect from a first-class sativa, starting with her short flowering time and massive yields to her great flavor and very potent high. Newcomers to cannabis growing will love that she is easy to grow and that they can expect impressive results because of her sheer potential and growing vigor. Connoisseurs love Chocolate Haze for her refreshingly fruity taste with delightful chocolate undertones, a taste that was very popular back in the 80s. As you would expect from a quality sativa, she will give a very powerful head high that is focused and clear, euphoric and psychedelic which relaxes at the same time. Chocolate Haze is an ideal medicinal plant to treat anxiety, depression and stress and she can help with pain relief, migraines and arthritis.

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4. Kali Mist (Serious Seeds)

  • Sativa
  • sativas
  • 70-90 days

Kali Mist by Serious Seeds is a classical almost pure sativa that has been nicknamed 'The Queen of Sativas'. She is a truly unique plant with several extraordinary features. One of her unique qualities is that she has a very open plant structure with very few leaves. This allows light to hit even lower branches and buds resulting in incredibly high yields. She will develop thick and tightly packed buds that grow abundantly in spiral-like clusters. Her buds are extremely resinous and please with a very aromatic and spicy smell. When grown outside, the Serious Seeds’ multi-award winning strain can grow very tall. Growers love that she is very mold resistant so that even frequent rainfall is no problem for her. She gives a potent, focused and clear, energizing and uplifting sativa high. Kali Mist is a great medicine that can help to treat chronic pains and menstrual cramps and is also a good strain for the treatment of stress and various mood disorders.

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5. Super Silver (Dinafem)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Super Silver x Super Silver
  • 70-80 days

When Dinafem created Super Silver, they wanted a sativa strain that truly stands out from many others. Dinafem definitely achieved this goal with Super Silver. This excellent strain can impress with many attractive characteristics, which makes it well-liked among growers, connoisseurs and medical cannabis users. Growers love that Super Silver grows with unparalleled vigor and strength and that she flowers fast in any growing environment. This makes Super Silver also a great strain for less experienced growers who want quality bud without any sacrifices. While Super Silver can reach its full potential grown outdoors in sunny conditions, she will also thrive well indoors or if you grow her in a greenhouse. She will reward the grower with an intensive flavor and aroma that beautifully fuses together notes of citrus fruit, wood, spices and incense. She will give a very potent euphoric head high that that can be very long-lasting.

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6. Dutch Haze (Dutch Passion)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Dutch Haze
  • 9-11 weeks

Those familiar with cannabis strains know that Haze stands for the finest quality in cannabis. Not many strains come close to the pure aroma and exceptional high that Hazes can give. For the average home grower however, achieving this quality always came at some cost: The very long flowering time of sometimes more than 20 weeks as well as the fact that Hazes can quickly grow out of control made growing them anything but easy. Dutch Passion did a great job at solving those drawbacks with their excellent Dutch Haze. By breeding-in some indica genetics without sacrificing anything of the quality from the sativa side, Dutch Haze brings us what we love from pure Hazes without the hassles of growing them. You can find delight in her typical Hazy smell that is floral, tangy, sour and sweet with some aromatic wooden notes on top. As you would expect from a first-class Haze with Dutch roots, she will give a super powerful cerebral, psychedelic and upbeat effect.

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7. Durban (Sensi Seeds)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Durban
  • 50-70 days

Durban, named after the South African port city of Durban is the most widely-known African cannabis strain. Unlike other sativa strains, subtropical Durban grows short and chunky and is a favorite of local growers because of her reliability and massive yields. Generations of first-class growing results in her homeland gave Durban her stellar reputation but smokers and connoisseurs from around the world value her as being a sativa unlike any other. She is most famous for her super potent and mind-blowing high. When Sensi Seeds created Durban, the goal was to make those qualities available to growers in more temperate climate zones. Sensi’s enhanced Durban keeps all the amazing traits like the original. The heavy-branching plant is very robust and can grow enormous results of juicy, crystalline buds with a flavor of lemon and aniseed even in summers that don’t see lots of sunshine as can be the case in our climates. Durban’s unique high is extremely potent and unlike that of other sativas has a narcotic characteristic. While very powerful and sedating, it doesn’t overpower like some indicas do.

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8. Cannalope Haze (DNA Genetics)

  • 95% sativa - 5% indica
  • Haze Brothers x Mexican (Michoacán)
  • 8 weeks

DNA Genetics’ Cannalope Haze is a formidable strain because of her complex aroma, outstanding yields and in particular because of her short flowering time for an almost pure sativa. Less experienced growers love that she is very easy to grow. Cannalope Haze grows with enormous vigour, which makes her an excellent plant for different pruning and topping techniques that she can tolerate very well. This allows growers to grow her to her full potential, with yields that can be enormous under good conditions. Because of her very resinous buds, she is also a great plant for hashish extraction. Cannalope Haze has a very pleasant, fruity and somewhat citrusy aroma with floral notes, which makes smoking her a true delight. Her high is energizing and stimulates both, the body and the mind.

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9. Buddha Haze (Big Buddha Seeds)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Amnesia Haze x Manga Rosa S1
  • 11-13 weeks

Buddha Haze by Big Buddha Seeds is a cross between a Super Silver Haze, G-13, a Manga Rosa S1 and Amnesia Haze. The result of this cross is nothing but spectacular, a Haze that is truly befitting the Buddha in everyone with her amazing high and unique aroma. She will easily grow into a beautiful and tall plant whether she grows in soil, hydroponically or in aeroponic systems. She has a flowering period of about 11 weeks where she will grow respectable yields of big and fat buds. Buddha Haze blends her intensive tropical sweet fruit flavours with notes of mango with some hints of sweet candy. She will give a strong high with a long-lasting euphoric rush, making Buddha Haze a great smoke for social gatherings with friends or for parties. Her happy and positive buzz will keep you alert and energized, just the right thing if you need some inspiration or a boost of creativity.

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10. Desfrán (Dutch Passion)

  • 100% sativa
  • Destroyer x Destroyer
  • 9-10 weeks

Desfrán is a legendary strain that originally comes from South America. It was Dutch Passion’s goal to introduce this great strain to Europe and they successfully achieved this by working together with a master grower from Argentina. Growers like the fact that Desfrán grows easily in various growing environments including soil or hydroponically where she needs comparably little nutrition. With her immense vigour and massive stretch during flower, the multi-award-winning plant can however grow very tall. She is an ideal strain to grow in SOG and ScrOG style where she can show her full potential and maximum yields. Desfrán will grow very tightly packed buds for a sativa that have a fruity aroma like pear and green apples, with some hints of grape and melon. If you harvest Desfrán early, she gives a strong cerebral and psychedelic high. Buds from later harvests are sweeter and will be even more potent.

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