CleanUrin Synthetic Urine (25ml)

CleanUrin Synthetic Urine is exactly what you would expect; clean, lab-manufactured urine, that will read as regular human urine when subjected to laboratory tests. It mimics the urine of a healthy, sober person to a tee - it even looks (and smells) like the real thing. If sober urine is required for any reason whatsoever, CleanUrin will be a perfect fit. Contents: 25ml

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CleanUrin Synthetic Urine: Manufactured urine that tests like human urine

CleanUrin Synthetic Urine may be of assistance, should the situation occur wherein fresh and clean urine needs to be presented, and you are coming up short in that area. It is comprised of special ingredients and compounds that will pass through most laboratory tests. It’s packaged in handy, durable sachets that, when ripped open, make little to no sound - perfect for stealthy operations! It’s also very easy to open, even with wet fingers, and can be stored inside one’s underwear without the risk of bursting.

It’s basically like urine from a straight-edge human. The synthetic urine contains special proteins that mimic its real counterpart. It also looks like real urine under the UV light, adding to the reality effect.

The sachets come labeled in three colors: green, yellow, and red. These sachets differ in pH and creatinine levels. Due to our natural fluctuations of urine, one can choose the best type for the situation.

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