African Dream Root (5 grams)

African Dream Root (Silene capensis, or Ubulawu) is a sacred plant for African Xhosa tribes. Its roots contain saponins, which cause minimal alterations to our perception when we are awake, yet they cause vivid, colourful and psychedelic dreams trip at night. These dreams are experienced on a conscious level and will be remembered in the morning.

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African Dream Root: Experience vivid and colourful dreams

African Dream Root (Silene capensis) is a plant native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and it is regarded by the African Xhosa tribes as sacred. The roots of Silene capensis contain a psychoactive compound that produces intense and imaginative dreams. Xhosa people consume this root during purifying rituals as a healing substance and for memory improvement, as a divination medium, and particularly to get some good advice from ancestors.


The Silene capensis brew must be consumed in the morning - on an empty stomach - to give the body enough time to metabolize the alkaloids before going to sleep at night. It is not recommended to exceed the regular dosage, which is usually around 200-250mg of powdered root, yet the dose could be increased up to 500mg without adverse effect in most people. Higher doses will likely result in vomiting. Just like the Ayahuasca ritual, the traditional Xhosa ceremony with Silene capensis includes vomiting and intestinal disorder. No other harmful effects have been recorded so far.

Different methods can be used to prepare an African Dream Root drink. Half a teaspoon of powdered root can be mixed with half a cup of water, or, alternatively, a small piece of the root may be placed into cold or warm water and stirred. This causes the saponins to foam or froth up. Some people add other herbs and honey to improve the taste, letting the tea infuse for 30 minutes before drinking it. Others prefer to chew the roots. The effects appear to be particularly enhanced after 2 weeks of consumption.

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