Novi Plasma Lighter

Light up in style with the Novi Plasma Lighter! This fancy high-tech lighter will never fail or need a refill, ever! Easily recharge it via USB and it will last you for many years. The Novi Lighter is the perfect lighter - with its always reliable plasma flame you can light up everywhere, even in windy conditions and extreme weather! Available in three different designs.

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Novi Plasma Lighter: Hi-tech, Reliable and Stylish Plasma Lighter

Chances are you won’t find a cooler and more functional lighter than the Novi Plasma Lighter. This stylish plasma lighter operates completely electrical, so it will never, ever fail to light up. With the Novi Lighter, you won’t need to worry about refills, because you can simply charge it via USB.

Press the button on the Novi Lighter, and it will produce an electric plasma “X“, with a temperature of almost 500°C. The lighter is extremely reliable, making it a perfect all-weather lighter that you can blindly count on at all times.

The Novi Plasma Lighter doesn’t just shine with its stellar performance. Its stylish design makes it unique among many other lighters. It may well become your personal favorite, but it also makes an excellent gift!