Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Hawaiian

Psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian -also known as PES Hawaiian, PESH or simply Hawaiian - is a Magic Mushroom strain which oddly enough doesn’t even grow in Hawaii. Despite this somewhat curious fact, this variety shines with fast-growing, monster-sized fruit bodies that at times can reach up to 30cm. It’s pure joy watching them grow into gargantuan shrooms.

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Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - Hawaiian: Fast Growth & Massive Fruits

The psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian is a superb Magic Mushroom variety. It grows quickly and will reward with sizeable fruits in several large flushes. The fruit bodies of this psilocybe cubensis are similar to that of the Cambodian strain, with bell-shaped caps although the stem can grow even more massive. Don’t confuse this variety with Hawaiian Copelandia (Panaeolus cyanascens) since the two are entirely different- this one grows much larger and heavier!

The fact that this mushroom doesn’t actually grow in Hawaii (despite the name) is a mere oddity of this particular variety. More experienced shroomers may possibly note the resemblance of psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian to the Cambodian variety. They both have wide, bell-shaped caps although the Hawaiian grows them even bigger.

The Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Hawaiian comes complete with 1200ml of fully colonized rye cake that’s ready to grow some monster shrooms as soon it arrives at your door. There is really not much more to do if you want to get your mushroom-growing action on. Daily, spray some water on the insides of the grow bag and wait for the mushrooms to grow.

1200ml cultivation box with fully colonized rye cake
Grow bag
Bag clip

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