FlowerMate Swift Pro

An innovative device in FlowerMate's ever expanding, successful line of vaporizers is the Flowermate Swift Pro. They have built upon the proven features of their former products, creating a unit with only the best features and design that you could imagine. The Swift Pro promises 0,0% combustion since it functions through convection, preserving the taste of your herb... and your health.

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Vaporizer Compatibilty

FlowerMate Swift Pro: Experience a new level of flavour

FlowerMate engineers have done it again! They have added an innovative vaporizer to their line of very successful and proven units. It is called the Swift Pro and features only the newest technology available for portable vaporizers. Plus, it looks cool with its sleek and stealthy design.


With the Swift Pro, FlowerMate has created the first convection vaporizer in their product line. Conduction has been the standard heating form in portable vaporizers. However, the Swift Pro uses 100% convection to heat the airflow, instead of heating the chamber through conduction. This way, the Flowermate Swift Pro preserves the taste of your herb, as it sends heated air through an isolated heating path. This also eliminates carcinogens and any "electronic" taste. Trust us - the vapor is clean, pure, smooth and delicious!


What's really unique about this device is the interchangeability of the chamber wall. This is something we haven't seen in other units. You can customize the material of the chamber to further enhance your convection experience. You can choose between an African pallisander, a South-American pallisander, a bamboo and a borosilicate glass wall. The glass wall gives you the purest vapor while the other walls add a nice aromatic touch to your herb. Whatever suits your vaping needs best!

In contrast to the other vaporizers of FlowerMate, the mouthpiece is fit on the device which makes it quite comfortable to use when you are on the go. Just give it a quarter turn and draw; very easy to use.


You can adjust the temperature for your vape session precisely, ranging from 60°C to 230°C. The Swift Pro heats up extremely fast - it only takes 45 seconds to get to your desired setting. You can see the set temperature on a single digital display. The control over a full temperature range is at your fingers!


The Swift Pro features a 2600mAh Li-Ion battery that can be charged via micro USB. You can charge on the go or at home. Long vape sessions are no big deal with this long lasting battery.

The Flowermate Swift Pro comes complete with:

- African pallisander chamber wall
- South-American pallisander chamber wall
- Bamboo chamber wall
- Borosilicate glass chamber wall
- 5 stainless steel chamber screens
- Packing tool and dabber
- Loading cap
- Chamber removing tool
- Cleaning brush
- USB charging cable
- Warranty information card
- User manual


- Dimensions: 11cm x 5,8cm x 3cm
- Weight: 453g

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