CBD Nordle (CBD Crew)

CBD Nordle is based on Afghan Skunk and got its name from Howard Marks - Nordle was his code word for hashish when he talked about new deals on the phone back in the days when he was smuggling hash. These feminized seeds are suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation and the plants put forth from them display strong Indica traits and produce compact and dense flower clusters.

Genetics 80% indica - 20% sativa
Parents Nordle x CBD parents
Flowering period 8-10 weeks
THC% 5.5-10%
CBD% 5.5-10%
Yield (indoor) 500g/m²
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Short
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank CBD Crew
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CBD Nordle: Great plant for hash production

CBD Nordle is an enhanced and CBD-rich variety based on Afghan Skunk. The strange name originates from back in the 1960s, when Howard Marks was smuggling Afghan hashish - it was his code word for hash when he talked about new deals on the phone. These feminized seeds are suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. The genetic blend is dominated by 80% Indica influence and plants raised from these seeds grow in the typical Christmas tree shape and produce compact and dense flower clusters that are completely covered in a fur of shiny white trichomes when the flowering period of 8-10 weeks is over. Outdoors the plants are ready for harvesting in October.

CBD Nordle does not grow very big, but under a 600W lamp you can expect an average yield of 500g/m². The beautiful thick buds emit a fruity aroma with a touch of wild garlic or freshly cut chives and when properly cured, the end product has a THC and CBD level of about 5.5% each. Well, digging a little deeper, we found more precise values - the CANNA foundation tested CBD Nordle and their results showed 6.43% THC and whopping 8.97% CBD content. The high CBD level makes CBD Nordle the perfect choice to alleviate pain and to ease body tension.

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