Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, or Argyreia nervosa, is a perennial climbing vine native to India, Hawaii and Africa. The seeds of the plant contain a naturally occurring tryptamine called LSA (or Lysergic Acid Amide), which is closely related to LSD. LSA is a compound that may induce sensations of euphoria and relaxation.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose: Seeds containing LSA, similar to LSD

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose has long been used in spiritual celebrations in its native India. Users consume it to achieve feelings of well-being, euphoria and spirituality. Some people use it to induce sweating and to relieve pain. The experience is sometimes described as a milder version of what happens after consuming either LSD or cannabis. The hallucinatory effects of HBW are also described as similar to alcohol intoxication, with experiences of enhanced colours. Effects last between 6-8 hours.

The maximum safe dose is about 2 grams. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Side effects may include nausea, blurred vision and vertigo.

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