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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 

Top 5 Autoflowering Sweet Seeds

The Definitive List of the Bestselling Autoflowers by Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds opened their doors in 2005 and released their first autoflowering strain in 2009. Since then, they've developed one of the best and most diverse collections of autoflowering genetics available for sale to date. Each one includes just enough ruderalis to make it fast and easy to grow, without dampening the yield, the power, or its truly unique flavour and aroma. Under proper conditions, most will go from germination to harvest in 90 days or less, making Sweet Seeds' autoflowering line a top choice for short northern summers, growers who're short on time or any farmer who wants to squeeze multiple harvests out of a single outdoor season. If you're in the mood for an automatic hybrid you can rely on, check out Zativo's top 5 autoflowering Sweet Seeds list to find your perfect match.

1. Jack 47 Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • 75% sativa - 15% indica - 10% ruderalis
  • Jack Herer x AK-47 Auto
  • 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest

This is the only sativa-dominant strain to crack the top 5 autoflowering Sweet Seeds list, but she's a doozy! With DNA from both the legendary Jack Herer and everyone's favourite one-hit wonder, AK-47, Jack 47 Auto is designed with total and utter satisfaction in mind. The THC levels are way higher than most automatic seeds, and she's got the yield to match. Inside growers can expect 450-600g/m² of resin-soaked buds bursting with tangy lemon flavour after a very reasonable 9-10 weeks from germination. Outside, Jack 47 Auto might take a little bit longer depending on the time of year, but your patience will be handsomely rewarded with a massive 50-200g/plant payload. Surprisingly, these fully autoflowering seeds are able to produce a veritable jackpot of high-quality buds in record-breaking times without getting very tall. The highs are everything you would expect - crystal clear, creative and packed to the brim with energy. If you've been considering a switch to either automatic genetics or a sativa, there's no time like the present and no better choice than Jack 47 Auto. 

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2. Cream Caramel Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Cream Caramel x Auto
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

Cream Caramel has won more awards than any other strain at Sweet Seeds, and she's been used in countless breeding projects, so it came as no surprise that this Spanish breeder would decide to automate their best champion. Cream Caramel Auto quickly matched her mother as one Sweet Seeds all-time best sellers, and she soon won her own trophy for Best Outdoor Strain at the Copa Geneticas Expocanamo 2016 held in Sevilla. One of Cream Caramel Auto's most recognizable qualities is her sweet, creamy aroma. It's incredibly smooth and very tempting in the jar, but when you break open a dried bud, the luscious scent bursts forth and quickly expands to fill the room with a heady fragrance. When lit, she doesn't lose a bit of the initial appeal; the bouquet is only reinforced by the addition of her sweet, candy-like flavour. Cream Caramel Auto has a mid-range THC rating, but that doesn't stop her from having an enduring physical stone thanks to a rich terpene profile and indica-dominant genetics. If you're looking for a fast, easy-to-grow cannabis seed with an irresistible aroma, you can't go wrong with Cream Caramel Automatic. 

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3. Killer Kush Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Indica Auto x OG Kush
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

The name alone makes Killer Kush Auto one of the most attention-grabbing autoflowering hybrids Sweet Seeds has ever created, but with parents that include the notorious OG Kush from the American West Coast, you better believe she can back up the hype. She's a real delicacy, oozing with sour grapefruit/pine-sol aromas and tasting like pungent diesel fuel thanks to OG's heavy Chemdawg influences. The automatic indica Sweet Seeds used to automate this mix not only reduced the total time required to reach harvest to an astonishing 8 weeks from germination but also served to deepen the effects to a very chill, incredibly relaxing physical stone. Thanks to the medium THC level, you'll just be almost locked to the couch instead of totally incapacitated. Although Killer Kush Auto is functional, we wouldn't recommend doing anything complicated while under her influence. If you're looking for a dependable indica with amazing bag appeal, Killer Kush Auto is the AutoFem for you. 

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4. Sweet Cheese Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Fast Bud 2 Auto x Sweet Cheese
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

Ever since she was first released, Sweet Cheese Auto has been a top seller for Sweet Seeds, and if you love nothing more than the intense pungency of a good Cheese strain, she will soon be one of your favourites, too. Sweet Seeds left nothing to chance with this AutoFem; they crossed Fast Bud 2 Auto with an original Sweet Cheese, then backcrossed the offspring two more times with Sweet Cheese clones from the first pairing to strengthen and reinforce the heavy Cheese fragrance. As a result, Sweet Cheese Auto emits a thick cloud of full-bodied aromas on the vine that only get stronger during the cure. If you pay close attention, you may pick up on a barely detectable hint of tart lemon in the final bouquet, but it won't diminish the overall cheesiness by even a single iota. This fully automatic hybrid only needs about 8 weeks from seed to produce 350-550g/m² of fat, resin-encrusted flowers indoors, and she maintains an easy-to-manage height that's short enough for balconies, smaller tents or cabinet grows. 

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5. Big Devil 2 Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Big Devil Auto
  • 9 weeks from seed to harvest

This enhanced version of the original Big Devil Auto is one of the biggest, and most popular, automatic hybrids you'll find on the market today whether you're shopping for a new strain from Sweet Seeds or any other breeder. With Big Devil 2 Auto, Sweet Seeds took the original genetics, worked their magic, and came up with a new, much-improved version that's even stronger and higher yielding than their previous model. Just imagine opening your new pack of autoflowering seeds and knowing that in just 9 weeks, you could have up to 600g/m² of firm, aromatic flowers if you grow inside or up to 400g/plant if you're more of an outdoor gardener. Of course, high yields and fast finishes don't mean a thing if you end up with watered-down weed. That's never a problem with Big Devil 2 Auto. The flavours and aromas are so concentrated you won't have any trouble detecting the strong floral notes on the inhale or the intense Skunk stench that'll quickly fill both your grow room and your preferred smoking area. In no uncertain terms, Big Devil 2 Auto will leave you completely satisfied in every single way. 

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