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Zativo caters to private customers only, and does not supply commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. If we have reason to suspect that the ordered seeds are destined for growing cannabis on a larger-than-private scale, we reserve the right to dismiss that specific order. 

The Red Family Collection 


Mad purps to the rescue! Sweet Seeds composed the Red Family collection, which comprises dark and purple autoflowering strains. As we all know, Sweet Seeds generates some impeccable strains, renown all over the world. Standard green cannabis strains are magnificent, although sometimes, one wishes to elevate one’s ganja garden to an outlandish dimension. In no time, the ganja grower will produce solid purple nugs, which induce the sweetest of the highs imaginable. Spanning from Devil Cream Auto to Black Cream Auto, the assortment is mind blowing. Let’s check out the collection. Disclaimer: if you drool all over your keyboard, we’re not responsible for any damages.


1. Devil Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica/Sativa autoflowering
  • Dark Devil Auto x Black Cream Auto
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

Let’s begin with the Devil. Sweet Seeds developed this strain by hybridizing two purps, Dark Devil Auto with Black Cream Auto. The meticulous breeding process brought Devil Cream Auto into the light. One can expect the heights to reach around 70-120cm, which is relatively tall for autoflowering genetics. The impeccable sativa/indica vibes induce amazingly balanced highs, which are supported by delicious, fruity and citrusy aromas. Outdoors, Devil Cream Auto generates around 40-175g/plant, and 350-600g/m² indoors. This cultivar is ready after 8 weeks, from seed to harvest. The growth is very stable; the stems are very strong, which necessary for supporting the solid apical bud and side nugs. In other words, a perfect purp.

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2. Bloody Skunk Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Sweet Skunk Auto x Red Poison Auto
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

When Sweet Skunk Auto and Red Poison Auto got involved in a carefully constructed breeding session, Bloody Skunk Auto was conceived. This spectacular Skunk is bloody dank! One can expect beautiful purple buds, emerging from the plant's Christmas tree structure. Indoor growers can expect 350-550g/m² of nugs, whilst outdoor growers, around 35-175g/plant. Classic Skunk vibes are evident, with a purpy touch. This autoflowering strain finishes its cycle after 8 weeks, from seed to harvest. The buds are quite dense, covered by an abundance of resin. The heights reach around 60-110 cm. If one’s into otherworldly Skunks, Bloody Skunk Auto will be happy to take you on a trip to outerspace.

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3. Red Poison Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica/Sativa autoflowering
  • Green Poison x Pakistani Kush Auto
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

Sweet Seeds developed the Red Poison Auto, which is anything but poisonous. They hybridized Green Poison together with an exquisite purple autoflowering phenotype, deriving from Pakistani Kush genetics. The growth is very stable, the main branch is vigorous, while side-branches are quite flexible. The nugs have a strong scent, reminiscent of sweet fruit with a Skunky touch. Outdoors, this mad purp develops around 35-175g/plant of buds, while indoor growers will receive around 400-550g/m². Red Poison Auto finishes its growth after only 8 weeks, from seed to harvest. The heights reach around 60-120cm. Honestly, the buds become so thick, and develop so much resin, they will shift the appreciation of the grower towards purple strains, no doubt. This sativa/indica hybrid develops magnificent highs.

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4. Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica/Sativa autoflowering
  • Big Devil XL Auto x Auto Purple
  • 8.5 weeks from seed to harvest

Even though the name sounds dark, Dark Devil Auto delivers blissful and enlightened highs. This cultivar derives from Big Devil XL Auto and a purple autoflowering variety, which originates from the Chitral region, located in the Hindu Kush mountains. The plant becomes strong, and clearly displays autoflowering characteristics. The dense apical bud shoots out from the middle, while side branches carry smaller nugs. The resin production is solid, and one can expect the Dark Devil Auto to emanate sweet and fruity aromas, with a citrusy finish.

Indoor growers shall receive around 400-600g/m². 50-200g/plant can be expected from outdoor operations. This relatively tall plant reaches around 80-130cm in height. Dark Devil Auto finishes its lifecycle after 8,5 weeks, from seed to harvest. If one’s looking for purple magic, this strain can develop very dark purple tones, hence the name. In 2014, Dark Devil Auto received the first prize at the High Life Cup.

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5. Black Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • Cream Caramel x Auto Purple
  • 8 weeks from seed to harvest

Last but definitely not least, we present the Black Cream Auto. Sweet Seeds decided to mix the delicious Cream Caramel, with a high-class purple autoflowering strain, originating from Pakistani Kush. Ganja enthusiasts are very fond of this strain, due to her uniqueness and beautiful appearance. Indoor growers will witness 350-550g/m² of buds, filling their Black Cream Auto plants. Outdoor operators can expect around 35-150g/plant. The heights reach around 60-110cm, and the cropping takes place after 8 weeks, from seed to harvest. The aromas and flavors are fruity, yet very earthy - a quality derived from the Cream Caramel genetics. The Black Cream Auto delivers unique highs, which guide the consumer through space-like dreams.

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Purple strains have fascinated the ganja community for decades, if not centuries. There’s something magical about gazing upon mad purps, emanating delicious scents and unfamiliar colors. Sweet Seeds enables us ganja enthusiasts to uncover the plant’s mystique, by tapping into our visual senses. If you wish to experience spectacular highs and cultivate beautiful plants, the aforementioned strains will definitely do the trick.