Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds)

Dark Devil Auto is the result of a successful collaboration between Sweet Seeds and Buddha Seeds. The skilful breeders of Buddha Seeds contributed with a beautiful purple variety to get a match for Sweet Seeds record-seller, Big Devil XL. Dark Devil Auto is medium-sized, with 80-130cm, yet generously yielding. Yields of 50-200g/plant are the normal case. Purple colours and sweet flavours!

Genetics Indica/Sativa autoflowering
Parents Big Devil XL Auto x Auto Purple
Flowering period 8.5 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 400-600g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 50-200g/plant
Height (outdoor) 80-130cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Sweet Seeds
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Dark Devil Auto: As purple a cannabis strain as you can find

With great fervor, Sweet Seeds pursued their dream of generating the dankest purp known to mankind. Some describe this cultivar as a marvel, some as pure excellence, some as the dankest of the dank... We consider all these statements to be true! Dark Devil Auto is not merely a plant, it’s an experience. The aromas and flavors reach the pinnacle of deliciousness. Mouth watering and superb vibes are to be expected. Let’s check out what Dark Devil Auto is all about.


The dark nuances adorning this mysterious strain really show themselves during the flowering period. Dark-purple and nearly black hues deriving from Dark Devil Auto’s ancestors, burn a beautiful image on the retina. Big Devil XL Auto was hybridized with a strain from the Pakistani Hindu Kush area. The resulting hybrid was a keeper, to say the least. The indica and sativa genetics induce unique highs, which include both Kush-like narcotic sensations and uplifting grooves. Medium THC levels are to be expected, delivering perfectly balanced highs.


Indoor growers shall receive around 400-600g/m² of dark nugs. Outdoor ganja operators will bask in 50-200g/plant. The resin-covered buds are reminiscent of dark grapes covered in white and brown sugar. Mouth watering right? We know. Indoors, Dark Devil Auto reaches medium heights. Outdoors, approximately 80-130cm. The exotic and fruity aromas are nostalgic, and may remind you of enjoying tropical shaved ice as a kid. This strain, winner of the 1st prize at High Life Cup 2014, has a very strong core that is highly resilient. The flowering period lasts 8.5 weeks, from seed to harvest.

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