Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds)

Sweet Seeds decided to release non-autoflowering F1 hybrids of their best performing strains to react to customers demanding even shorter flowering periods. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version has a very short blooming time of 6-7 weeks, yields up to 450-550g/m², and is a crossing of Sweet Skunk Auto and Early Skunk. The blossoms are very thick, full of resin, and put out typical Skunk aromas.

Genetics 65% indica - 35% sativa
Parents Sweet Skunk Auto x Early Skunk
Flowering period 6-7 weeks
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 400-550g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 350-600g/plant
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) September
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Sweet Seeds
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Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version: The sweetest and fastest of Skunks

Once upon a time, ganja aficionados hard a hard time believing that Skunk could get any sweeter. They pleased themselves with the Skunks they possessed and accepted their quality, sublime as it was. Sweet Seeds decided it was time to elevate the Skunk experience to the next level. With great fervor and diligence, Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version, was created. Albert Einstein himself would be impressed with the innovation with which Sweet Seeds operated while breeding this strain. Its flowers exude amazing aromas and flavors; after toking this treasured strain, it’s not uncommon to experience a sweet, sensory overload.


Indoor cannabis engineers will receive around 400-550g/m² of Skunk perfection. Outdoors, Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version generates approximately 350-600g/plant. Those empty weed jars will not remain empty for much longer. This cultivar finishes flowering after only 6-7 weeks! Perfect for cold climates with short summers, and novice weed gardeners. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version reaches medium heights.


This hybrid has been specifically bred for its fast-flowering characteristics. Sweet Seeds chose Sweet Skunk Auto and Early Skunk to become the parents of this impeccable strain. After a meticulous stabilization process, the autoflowering characteristics have been eliminated, making this cultivar photoperiod-dependent. If one wishes to experience a perfectly psychedelic hybrid, Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version is the one. 65% indica and 35% sativa genetics rest within, inducing a cerebral buzz with smooth body sensations. The medium THC-levels play an imperative role in this strain’s functionality; after consumption, one can still get on with the day, and get stuff done.

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