1 - III Copa Cannábica Expogrow Irún 2014

Big Devil XL Auto (Sweet Seeds)

This strain won two awards in 2014. This is not surprising because the density and thickness of the buds has been considerably increased. The height and size of Big Devil XL is truly remarkable. It can grow up to 160cm tall, with numerous strong side branches. Yield varies between 425-650g/m² indoors, and can reach up to 350g per plant outdoors. Big numbers for an autoflowering strain.

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Parents Big Devil 2 Auto x Jack Herer Auto
Flowering period 9.5 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 425-650g/m²
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) 50-350g/plant
Height (outdoor) 110-160cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Sweet Seeds
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1 - III Copa Cannábica Expogrow Irún 2014

Big Devil XL Auto: Indica dominance extraordinaire, straight from the underground

Fearlessly, Sweet Seeds crossed the river Styx and approached Hades, the deity of the underworld. They explained that they needed to get extraordinary dank, non-existent in the living realm. Hades provided some next level seeds, under the condition that Sweet Seeds would develop the dankest nugs he had ever seen. They accepted the conditions and followed through by creating the Big Devil XL Auto. Needless to say, Hades was greatly pleased.


This indica-dominant strain delivers incredible highs. One can expect physically stoned sensations to cool down the frame of mind, into a state of bliss. Big Devil XL Auto carries medium THC-levels, so one can toke a bit more and indulge in the delicious flavors, without getting knocked out. It’s a 3rd generation hybrid, deriving from mixing Big Devil 2 Auto with Jack Herer Auto. These two strains are champions, bringing forth a privileged offspring.


This autoflowering strain becomes relatively tall for an autoflower. Outdoor growers will see this cultivar reach approximately 110-160cm. Indoor yields amount to 425-650g/m². Outdoors, one can expect 50-350g/plant of sweet nugs, emanating powerful aromas. From seed to harvest, this crop needs to be chopped after 9.5 weeks. It’s recommended not to overfeed autoflowering strains; they usually require fewer nutrients than their photoperiod counterparts. To get high quality dank, one must flush the plants 1-2 weeks before harvesting.

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