Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a high-end vaporizer that doesn’t just impress with a nice design and ease of use. The Firefly 2 stands out with a stellar vaping performance above anything else. This makes the Firefly 2 more than just a shiny, new tech gadget, but one of the best vaping devices on the market today. The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is available in White, Blue and Black.

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Cannabis Propagator


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Firefly 2 Vaporizer: High-end vaporizer with a stellar performance

The Firefly 2 is regarded as one the best high-end vaporizers on the market today. Praised as “The Best Overall Vaporizer 2016” by Gizmodo, this sleek vaporizer shines with top-notch performance and superior vapor quality.

For those who want to geek-out their vaporizer even more, Firefly offers an optional Firefly 2 app for iOS or Android so you can customize the Firefly 2 from your phone in many different ways.


When you hold the new Firefly 2 in your hands you will immediately realize that this a vaporizer like no other. The design can only be described as sleek and smart. Firefly also managed it to make the vaporizer 55% lighter and 33% smaller compared to their previous vaporizer generation.


The Firefly 2 doesn’t hold back, showing off some nifty features. Unlike other vaporizers, it has dual capacitive touch sensors for easy and convenient use. Place your fingertips on the touch sensors and the Firefly 2 reaches the ideal vaping temperature of 400°F (205°C) in an amazingly short 3 seconds or less.


What makes the Firefly 2 unique in its class is its dynamic convection technology. This may sound complicated at first, but it means that the device only heats as you inhale. This enriches your vaping experience because you can enjoy the active ingredients of your herb or concentrate, along with the flavours and aroma the very moment when they are released. Nothing will go to waste and your herb will taste better and be more potent. The Firefly 2 is suitable for dried herbs and concentrates.


The Firefly 2 scores major points when it comes to charging times. Simply use the included USB cable to charge your device within a short 45 minutes.


2x Rechargeable Batteries
Charging Dock
USB 3.0 Cable
Cleaning Kit
3x Concentrate Pads

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