Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an absolute classic among the portable vaporizers. People love it because of its simple design, convenient small size and excellent performance. The Magic Flight Launch Box uses a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger included. Available in three wood types: Maple, Cherry and Walnut.

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Easy Germination

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Cannabis Propagator


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Magic Flight Launch Box: Ultra-portable vaporizer with a lifetime warranty

The Magic Flight Launch Box was created in 2010 by the Magic Flight Vaporizer company based out of sunny San Diego, California. It's the world's smallest, loose-leaf vaporizer. The portable size and noticeable simplicity of the Launch Box has been captivating users for the last seven years. Users enjoy its integrity; the straightforward engineering is simple, and therefore trustworthy and highly durable. The Magic Flight Launch Box is small, quiet, discreet, and delivers amazing hits every time. Since it heats up so quickly and it's so easy to use, you can load, hit, and reload - all without having to wait. And thanks to the plastic bowl cover, it can even be used in windy, unfavorable weather conditions.


This is a green product made from natural and renewable wood: cherry, walnut, or maple. It runs on a rechargeable, removable battery and is extremely simple to use. Just pack your herbs into the small groove, slide the plastic cover back to protect the plant material, insert the charged battery and bam, you're ready to go! The box heats up quickly; a small orange light turns on when it has reached the optimum temperature. Inhale slowly and consistently to maintain the temperature. Slower inhalation results in cooler vapor, but a milder hit. It takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it's arguably one of the easiest vapes to use.

Besides dried herb, the Magic Flight Launch Box can be fitted with Herbal Concentrate Trays (sold separately), allowing you to vaporize full-melt and/or sticky concentrates with your Launch Box.


Every Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is handmade in the United States and comes with a full, lifetime warranty. Some vaporizer lifetime warranties only provide coverage if the heating element breaks, but the Magic Flight Launch Box policy covers any and all defects found on your device. That's saying something about the faith the manufacturer has in their product! You really just can't beat that kind of value. It is a great vaporizer for newbie vapers and an excellent, sneak-a-toke option for seasoned users as well.

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