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Sensi Seeds Redux Series

Sensi Seeds revamps their most precious regular strains for lovers of autoflowering and feminized strains

Sensi Seeds Redux Series

We are happy to introduce Sensi Seeds’ Redux Series! The main purpose of this series is to revive the classics in feminized and autoflowering formats. The strains span from the mysterious mountains of Hindu Kush, to tropical South African cities. Jamaican ganja genetics are included and the Mexican Sativa Feminized has been brought to light. Brace yourselves, for some next level dank! This selection that you’re about to discover, will make you hungry for some high-quality bud. Here we go!


1. Black Domina (Sensi Seeds)

  • 95% indica - 5% sativa
  • Northern Lights, Ortega Indica, Hash Plant & Afghani SA
  • 50-55 days


Let’s start off with the mysterious legend, Black Domina. Sensi Seeds decided it was about time to feminize this incredible 95% indica hybrid. They harnessed the magic of their previous cannabis endeavors and used it for creating this high-yielding cultivar. Both indoor and outdoor growers can expect bountiful yields, filling their ganja gardens with uniquely earthy aromas. Short heights are to be expected as the growth is very indica-like. The delicious flavors comprise notes of black pepper, blackberry, and black hashish. The taste is very distinctive and captivating. The flowering period spans between 50-55 days. If one wishes to discover the depths of the couch, Black Domina Feminized is the perfect guide.

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2. Hindu Kush (Sensi Seeds)

  • 100% indica
  • Hindu Kush
  • 45-50 days


Originally, all Kush varieties derive from the Hindu Kush mountain range, where Cannabis indica has thrived for centuries, if not millennia. This 100% indica strain is very easy to grow, and has a short flowering period of 45-50 days. Hindu Kush Feminized is a short plant, which delivers medium yields. If one wishes to experience ancient cannabis, to get meditative and mystical, Hindu Kush Feminized is the ultimate weed. Regarding the potency, the medium THC-levels are perfect for a smooth experience. Earthy aromas and flavors, with hints of spicy woods, are exuded from this impeccable cultivar.

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3. Hindu Kush Automatic (Sensi Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • 45-50 days from seed to harvest


Sensi Seeds didn’t stop at feminizing their classic Hindu Kush; they developed her sister as well, Hindu Kush Automatic. This strain is hybridized with high-quality ruderalis genetics. Short heights are to be expected from this botanical treasure, as well as medium-sized yields. Just like the photoperiod version of Hindu Kush, Hindu Kush Autoflowering exudes earthy aromas. Induced effects after hitting that toke range from relaxation, to chilled sensations. The highs are relatively long lasting and not as couch looking as one may expect from a classic Kush. From seed to harvest, Hindu Kush Autoflowering’s lifespan ranges between 45-50 days. If one’s looking for a slightly more chilled and less potent Hindu Kush, this strain will do wonders.

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4. Mexican Sativa (Sensi Seeds)

  • 70% sativa - 30% indica
  • Mexican sativa
  • 50-70 days


Now comes an impeccable sativa in feminized format, Mexican Sativa Feminized. Mexico is home to some of the dankest strains, which have been essential for the creation of Haze varieties. Sensi Seeds decided to deliver this 70%-sativa beauty for all ganja connoisseurs in need of solid weed. During the Mexican revolution between 1910-1920, Mexican refugees entered the US with cannabis in their knapsack. In time, Sensi Seeds managed to get hold of these notorious genetics. Mexican Sativa Feminized becomes relatively tall, delivers medium-sized yields, and carries an intriguing history. The flowering period lasts between 50-70 days, and the highs are very uplifting, leaning to the energetic side, perfect for starting a revolution. Hitting this bud will have you singing “La Cucaracha” out of pure joy!

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5. Durban (Sensi Seeds)

  • 90% sativa - 10% indica
  • Durban
  • 50-70 days


This amazing strain originates from the South African port city of Durban. In the 70’s, Ed Rosenthal gathered all the best sativas from the region. He meticulously selected and stabilized them to create the best sativa ever. One can expect bountiful yields and plants reaching up to 250cm in height. Growing a healthy and highly productive sativa can be a bit of a challenge, but unlike many sativas, Durban Feminized is very forgiving to novice growers. The flavors and aromas are sweet and fruity - some describe the scents as very citrusy. The THC-levels are on the higher spectrum, so only trace amounts are needed to get lit. The genetics are 90% sativa, which is why the toker will experience that uplifting and euphoric sensation.

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6. Jamaican Pearl (Sensi Seeds)

  • 85% sativa - 15% indica
  • Jamaican Pearl
  • 50-75 days


A beauty straight outta’ Jamaica! A contemplative cerebral buzz enters body and mind after hitting this delightful strain. Sensi Seeds decided to pay homage to the island by creating the spectacular Jamaican Pearl Feminized. The heights are tall and the yields are abundant. Jamaican Pearl Feminized is 85% sativa, inducing happy and breezy vibes. If one wishes to create music or any art for that matter, this ganja is the perfect muse. The flowering period spans between 50-75 days. The aromas and flavors are deliciously fruity, earthy, spicy and sweet. Irie, mon!

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7. Early Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds)

  • Indica-dominant autoflowering
  • 11-14 weeks from seed to harvest


Last but not least, Sensi Seeds created the impeccable Early Skunk Automatic. This strain is great for northern climates, due to her short lifespan of around 60 days, from seed to harvest. Also, she’s resilient to pest and fungi, which are great assets when growing in unpredictable environments. By mixing Skunk#1 with Early Pearl, Sensi Seeds decreased the flowering time of Skunk#1 by 14 days! The aromas are very pungent, sweet and musky. This strain is 70% indica, therefore a solid body high with a cheerful touch is to be expected after enjoying this cultivar.

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There you have it, folks. Sensi Seed’s Redux Series provides some amazing classics in feminized and autoflowering formats. One can expect highest grade quality from Sensi Seeds, due to their great experience and love for the ganja. If it is your desire to create classic cannabis cultivars in your garden, with the additional benefits of feminized and/or autoflowering properties, the aforementioned strains will do wonders for the mind, body, and spirit.