Hindu Kush Automatic (Sensi Seeds)

This autoflowering version of a connoisseur's favorite offers you a fast, compact, resilient plant with all the superb qualities of the original Hindu Kush. She performs well in all kind of growing scenarios and may surprise you with her smooth stone that has many uses. Medical users and novice growers, but also experienced smokers and gardeners will be pleased, with this easy strain.

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Flowering period 45-50 days from seed to harvest
Yield (indoor) Medium
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Sensi Seeds
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Easy Germination

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Hindu Kush Automatic: Great Choice For Beginner Growers And Patients


Sensi Seeds finally offers an autoflowering version of one of their all-time classics - Hindu Kush. This strain has definitely stood the test of time and still remains popular amongst smokers and growers alike.

With the automatic version of Hindu Kush, Sensi Seeds delivers an even easier-to-grow plant which has all the reliability and quality of the original strain. They crossed this pure incida with a carefully selected ruderalis variety to create Hindu Kush Automatic. It is still 90% indica, but also fast and in need of only little maintenance. Stoners all over the world will welcome this autoflowering strain as a long-awaited addition to Sensi Seeds' product line.


Due to her autoflowering genetics, Hindu Kush Automatic finishes her life cycle after only 45-50 days from seed to harvest. The plant will shift into flowering mode after she has developed her first few sets of leaves. Hindu Kush Automatic is a compact cultivar that stays short and bushy. This suits growers dealing with limited heights very well.

The passionate indoor grower can expect a medium yield of fat, Kush buds. If you want to grow this cultivar outside, please be our guest. Don't grow her in pots, she will thrive best when planted in free soil. Outdoors, Hindu Kush Automatic will stretch a little bit more and develop longer lateral branches. Nonetheless, she is a perfect choice as a subtle plant in your garden. Regardless of the environment you grow this strain in, you will achieve great results with almost no work or fuss.


The smell and taste are very true to the original as you might hope. Earthy notes are all over the place with this one, you can even notice some charas character in there. There are subtle hints of sandalwood and incense to be detected in the aroma as well. They round off the earthiness with a kind of sweetness. Some plants also feature piny notes. Once cured, the aroma and flavor become super pungent and scream out of the jar.

Although Hindu Kush Automatic is an almost pure indica, the effect is not so much a couchlock. It provides a smooth, long-lasting stone that is more mellow, tranquil and calm. Medical users report that it helps a lot with stress relief and to some degree also with pain relief. Moreover, patients that suffer from insomnia and muscle tension have an effective medicine at hand with Hindu Kush Automatic. Some people even find that the strain boosts creativity and focus, something you would normally associate with sativas. Since this plant causes no paranoia or anxiety, novice consumers can enjoy her, too.

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