1 - Best Indica at High Times Cannabis Cup 1989

Big Bud (Sensi Seeds)

It is no accident that this strain was named Big Bud - the name perfectly describes what this plant is about. Within only 50-65 days of flowering, this 85% Indica produces insane inflorescences. The buds can grow heavy enough to bend and even snap the branches, so make sure to give this green monster some kind of support. Big Bud has a sweet, fruity flavor and impresses with a high potency.

Genetics 85% indica - 15% sativa
Parents Afghani x Skunk
Flowering period 50-65 days
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) High
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) High
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized & regular seeds
Seed bank Sensi Seeds
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1 - Best Indica at High Times Cannabis Cup 1989

Big Bud: Sensi Seeds rescued an almost lost cannabis strain


Big Bud was developed way back in the day in the ‘70s when American breeders started tapping into the potential of cross-breeding to selectively improve upon existing genotypes. This indica-dominant Afghani crossed with the super stable Skunk produced a jaw-dropping strain with incredible yields. With the advent of the War on Drugs in the 80’s, many breeders were quick to pack their bags full of clones and hop over to The Nederlands before the authorities started cracking down and destroying several years of hard work. It was there that Sensi Seeds provided a haven for this monstrous strain, retraced the lineage to the exact original geographical location and preserved it for the future. Years of intense research permitted Sensi Seeds to offer this incredible variety to the public, with an unquestionable seal of quality.


With the option between feminized or regular seeds, Sensi Seeds caters even to the most demanding of growers. Be it indoors or outdoors, you should expect a medium-sized plant given the 85% indica dominance. Note for the outdoor grower, Big Buds tends to favor temperate climates and can be somewhat picky elsewhere. In either case, rest assured: yields will go through the roof. It will produce thick and sturdy branches. So much so, it is famous for bent or even snapped branches due to excess weight. So be sure to use a screen, tomato cage or another method to help support the massive flowers. With a 7-9 week flowering period, you should have plenty of time to train the plant for even crazier final yields.


Big bud is a favorite for those who enjoy the mix of body stone along with earthy aromas and a tongue-tingling spicy taste. It is a euphoric type of high that should bring on the giggles quite quickly. The top-to-bottom body fizzle is prominently soothing while not melting your thoughts into a couch-locking trance. The potency is not as high as the yields that this strain produces, which is perfect for those who enjoy a good quality smoke but prefer to maintain a certain level of functionality.

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