1 - Soft Secrets Strain of the Year 2013
1 - Best Overall Strain at AMEC Cup 2009
1 - High Times Cannabis Cup (Cultivator’s Choice) 1988

Skunk 1 (Sensi Seeds)

Skunk #1 is yet another Cannabis Cup winner in Sensi Seeds' catalog - the jurors must have been impressed by the combination of stoned and high feeling. This classic was created through generations of rigid selection and backcrossing, resulting in this indica dominant variety that took the cannabis community by storm. Flowering for only 45-50 days, large yields, high potency - a winner!

Genetics 65% indica - 35% sativa
Parents Skunk #1
Flowering period 45-50 days
THC% High
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) High
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) High
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized & regular seeds
Seed bank Sensi Seeds
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Easy Germination

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1 - Soft Secrets Strain of the Year 2013
1 - Best Overall Strain at AMEC Cup 2009
1 - High Times Cannabis Cup (Cultivator’s Choice) 1988

Skunk 1: The Influence For A Hundred Modern Hybrids


The name Skunk became synonymous for potent marijuana in general. And no strain exhibits all the traits that we love about our modern-day hybrids more than Skunk #1. Due to intense selection and back-crossing this excellent and famous strain came to life as one of the first true indica-sativa hybrids. Today, Skunk #1 is not only still enjoyed as powerful ganja on its own, she is the benchmark and foundation for hundreds of modern crosses. She is a combination of 35% sativa and 65% indica genes and is available as both - regular and feminized - seeds.


Skunk 1 is an outstanding performer with her uniformity and reliability. During growth and flowering she shows her indica heritage but gains a little more height than pure indicas would. Her Afghani lineage can also be seen in her dark green leaves that beautifully contrast the lime green growing tips. This cannabis develops strong stems and branches to support her massive yields. The internodes will fill quickly with huge clusters of flowers, resulting in heavy terminal buds at the end of blooming. Her sativa influence is noticeable in the calyxes, the long, profuse pistils and her ability of exploding buds in all directions when harvest time is near.

Skunk 1 has a short flowering time of only 45-50 days. Even inexperienced growers are able to achieve large yields of this multiple awards-winning strain. When grown under natural sunlight, this plant prefers a normal warm summer and can be harvested at the end of September or in October.


Skunk 1 has the typical skunky, earthy and extremely pungent nose to it that you would expect from this stunning member of the Skunk family. The effect is an amazing combination of a body and mind high and one of the reasons this strain is still so popular.

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