Skunk Kush (Sensi Seeds)

Skunk Kush combines Skunk #1 and pure Afghani genes of Hindu Kush. As a result, the flowering time is rather short - roughly 40-65 days. This 60% Indica / 40% Sativa hybrid develops grape-like bunches of buds and is far from being miserly as regards resin glands. Skunk Kush displays the vigour and size of a Skunk and produces large yields.

Genetics 60% indica - 40% sativa
Parents Skunk #1 x Hindu Kush
Flowering period 40-65 days
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) High
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) High
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized & regular seeds
Seed bank Sensi Seeds
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Skunk Kush: the kushiest and the skunkiest strain ever

Sensi Seeds made the right decision by hybridizing two awesome strains. This resulted in the impeccable Skunk Kush, which they presented on the market with great pride. This indica-dominant strain has harnessed all the best qualities of its ancestors. The potent highs, short flowering time, and super-duper yields make this cultivar a winner. One can purchase these seeds in regular and feminized format. Let's check out what Skunk Kush is all about.


It's a no-brainer: Sensi Seeds mixed the vigorous and high-yielding Skunk with their intriguing Afghani genetics. Skunk, as we all know, is the precursor of Cheese, and has dominated the UK market for decades. Skunk delivers quite cerebral highs, with pungent aromas hitting the nostrils with great might. Afghani indicas, deriving from Hindu Kush mountains are notorious for their meditative and physically sedating vibes. Together, Skunk Kush delivers the best of both worlds, leaning more to the indica side, due to its 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. The aromas and flavors are reminiscent of fresh mint and delicious lemons. The freshness will elevate the consumer to the peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains.


The yields are crazy! Skunk Kush delivers grape-like buds, taking over the majority of the plant with its resinous essence. Both indoor and outdoor growers should expect higher yields than harvested from their previously experienced grow-ops. The strong and vigorous Skunk genetics make this cultivar easy to grow for novice ganja gardeners. Skunk Kush reaches medium heights and finishes flowering after only 6-8 weeks. When grown outdoors, this magnificent dank should be harvested at the end of September, or beginning of October.

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