Mexican Sativa (Sensi Seeds)

The word ‘Marijuana’ was coined in Mexico, reminding us that Mexico has indeed some awesome ganja. However, growing those strains in our regions was never easy. With Mexican Sativa, Sensi Seeds took a prized Mexican cultivar and gave it qualities for flowering in our summers. This exotic Sativa has a wonderful aroma of sandalwood on top of the fresh and intensive flavour of the original.

Genetics 70% sativa - 30% indica
Parents Mexican sativa
Flowering period 50-70 days
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) Medium
Height (indoor) Tall
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Tall
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized & regular seeds
Seed bank Sensi Seeds
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Mexican Sativa: history and dank combined in this intriguing sativa

During the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920, many Mexicans emigrated to the US to escape the predicament of war. They brought with them their beloved marijuana into the US, which is included in their revolutionary “La Cucaracha” tune. Mexican Sativa has been used to create many renown hybrids such as the Haze varieties. Sensi Seeds decided to release Mexican Sativa to delight cannabis aficionados with dank quality. If you wish to experience amazing highs, and the history inherent to this amazing strain, look no further. Let’s dig deep into the essence of Mexican Sativa.


Mexican Sativa derives from the southern province of Oaxaca. It was hybridized with the legendary Durban and a Pakistani hash plant. Later it was backcrossed with the original Mexican Sativa to retain the original vibes. This cultivar comprises 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. If one wishes to start a revolution, or relax during a revolution, Mexican Sativa is perfect for both scenarios. The uplifting sensations emerge quite quickly after the toke, and after around 3 hours, the remaining indica chill will take over with its nice and smooth sensations. The potency has been slightly reduced for functional stoners.


Mexican Sativa becomes relatively tall; special support is needed to carry those tasty nugs. Either ScrOG methods or simply supporting the buds with string will do. Medium-sized yields ought to be expected from this magnificent beauty. The bud quality surpasses the medium-sized yields by miles. The sandalwood and anise aromas entangle the consumer with delightful feels and a sense of nostalgia. The flowering period last around 7-10 weeks, which is quite short in comparison to other landrace sativas. Available in feminized and regular format, so the seeds are valued by yield chasers and breeders alike.

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