Auto Super OG Kush (Pyramid Seeds)

By mixing two different Kush strains, Pyramid Seeds developed an absolute star. Auto Super OG Kush is an autoflowering variety that provides growers with incredible quality and solid yields. The aromas are absolutely delightful. The quality of the bud induces blissfully peaceful highs. Pyramid Seeds are psyched to have created Auto Super OG Kush. Honestly, this should be a ganja garden staple.

Genetics Indica/Sativa autoflowering
Parents Hindu Kush x OG Kush x CBD x ruderalis
Flowering period 65-75 days from seed to harvest
THC% 17.5%
CBD% 1%
Yield (indoor) 500-520 g/m²
Height (indoor) 70-140cm
Yield (outdoor) 40-120g/plant
Height (outdoor) Unknown
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Pyramid Seeds
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Auto Super OG Kush: this hybrid by Pyramid Seeds is perfectly kushy


Pyramid Seeds loves their Hindu Kush genetics, although, they felt it could do with a bit more "punch". By crossing it with OG Kush and autoflowering genetics, Auto Super OG Kush came to light. Obviously, the indica and sativa genetics are there, inhabiting the resin filled buds. One can sense relaxing and narcotic stoned effects, with hints of uplifting sensations. A perfect couch-locker some might say. If one watches series or enjoys reading a profound book about existence, this dank will enhance the experience. With its 17.5% THC levels and 1% of CBD, this cultivar delivers potent, yet not debilitating highs.


The lifecycle of Auto Super OG Kush spans between 65-75 days, from seed to harvest. Indoor growers can expect around 500-520g/m² of legendary dank, with the plants reaching 70-140cm in height. Outdoors, Auto Super OG Kush will deliver about 40-120g/plant. It’s important to provide this beauty with all her requirements to receive the higher-scale yields. The aromas are superb. Once the scents hit the nostrils and the flavors cover the taste buds, you will know that you have something extra special in your bowl.

  • The Story behind Kush

    Kush strains are basically a cornerstone of Cannabis breeding and have been used to create an almost endless list of new varieties. Read more about Kush at Zativo.

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