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Blueberry is available from the following breeder(s):

Blueberry: The champion that wears blue

Blueberry by Dutch Passion

  • Genetics: 80% indica – 20% sativa
  • Parents: Afghani indica x Thai sativa x Mexican sativa
  • Flowering period: 8 – 9 weeks
  • Height: 50 – 100cm (indoors)
  • Yield: 425 – 500g/m²
  • THC: 19,5-21%

When talking about strains that changed the face of cannabis breeding and cultivation, one of the first strains that undoubtedly comes to mind is this all-time champion – Blueberry. Blueberry is a hybrid that was actually created in America, but was made famous on the European cannabis market. It’s a colorful plant that gets its name from the bluish hues of its buds and leaves. The buds have a blueberry-like taste and carry an unbelievably sweet note.

So where does the Blueberry’s amazing genetics originate from and who is responsible for delivering this amazing hybrid that makes many tokers around the globe happy with blissful smiles on their faces? Well, it all started in the 1970s with a guy called DJ Short whose dedication, and probably a lot of messy hard work, made this wonder plant. Blueberry’s lineage was conceived by carefully picking some of the finest landrace strains of Colombia, Mexico and Thailand and crossing them together. The end result were two high quality breeds named Juicy Fruit and Purple Thai with dominant Thai and Mexican sativa genetics.

It’s needless to say that they were two very potent sativas. Later in 1979, America was slowly introduced to popular indica strains from Central and South Asia. Among them was, today well-known, Afghani indica. Many growers quickly recognized the potential of indica’s short flowering time, uniform grow and huge resin production with a mellow, relaxing high – one of them was DJ Short. By crossing his favorite strain Juicy Fruit with Afghani indica, the first Blueberry was created. With a strong Afghani indica influence that made up 80% of the genetic material, it still retained original sativa effects.

In the early 90s DJ short decided to bless Europe with his creation, so he teamed up with numerous seed banks including Dutch Passion. Together they created a whole range of strains, all coming from DJ Short’s Blueberry. Blueberry’s genetic composition was tested and it proved to be of a high quality strain, capable of giving birth to a lot of potent hybrids such as Blue Velvet, Blue Satellite and Blue Moonshine that make up the recognizable Blue family.

Blueberry truly is a staple indica hybrid today, as it was back in the 90s, and it still remains a number one choice for many cannabis growers and consumers.

Taste, smell… and the effect of Blueberry

The choice of name for this hybrid faithfully describes its characteristic smell and flavor. It is incredibly sweet and very fruity, reminiscing of berry fruits with a subtle floral aroma. When properly cured it’s very smooth and pleasant to smoke - a cherished trait among cannabis connoisseurs.

Don’t be fooled by Blueberry’s sweet and pleasant taste because it packs a pretty potent high which it owes to an incredible 19,5% THC level in the buds. It takes a little time for the effects to kick in but when they do you’ll feel a long-lasting and very relaxing body stone coupled with a mellow feeling of euphoria. Because of its relaxing and uplifting effects, Blueberry has a wide variety of medical applications. It helps with anxiety and depression as well as with promoting better sleep. It’s also reported to be a potent pain killer.

How to grow Blueberry?

Blueberry is a short-to-medium size hybrid with a genetic composition of 80% indica and 20% sativa. It grows with classic indica features but has the most interesting colorations on leaves and buds. At the beginning of the vegetative cycle it exhibits purple and red hues across the leaves and stems, but later during flowering stages purple tinges become blue. A sturdy and bushy composition combined with these interesting color patterns recalls a blueberry bush.

Cultivating Blueberry is not as hard as growing some delicate sativa breeds, but can be challenging for inexperienced growers. Blueberry can be sensitive to overfeeding and an unstable pH so be careful not to overfeed it. Because of the amount of green on the stems and short internodes, proper air circulation is also vital. When all the growing conditions are fine- tuned, Blueberry will abundantly reward you.

It performs excellently when grown indoors, with a short flowering period of only 9 weeks. It produces incredible, sparkling buds that unsurprisingly smell of blueberries. Blueberry provides growers with a decent yield of around 450g/m² under good circumstances but most of the time it’s cultivated because of the amazing quality of the buds produced rather than quantity. Recommended harvest month, when grown outdoors, is October.

Blueberry at the Cups

Blueberry made a big and very noticeable impact on the cannabis community, claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica and the third place in HTCC 2001 in the same category.