Blue Mystic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Blue Mystic is a cross between Blueberry and Northern Light. It is a 20% Sativa and 80% Indica hybrid that flowers for 8-9 weeks when grown indoors or around October when grown outdoors. It is a small plant, so bushing it out by topping is recommended. The taste is sweet and reminds of fresh fruits. Unfortunately she's not that suited for growing outside in colder climates.

Genetics 80% indica - 20% sativa
Parents Blueberry x Northern Light
Flowering period 8-9 weeks
THC% 18+%
CBD% Medium
Yield (indoor) 375-425g/m²
Height (indoor) 60-100cm
Yield (outdoor) 400-450g/plant
Height (outdoor) 180-220cm
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Royal Queen Seeds
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Blue Mystic: Mystical mix of Blueberry and Northern Lights

This flower of the mystics is used for deep meditation sessions; discovering the hidden secrets of the universe is considered standard procedure after consuming the mysterious Blue Mystic.

On the hills of California and Oregon, breeders would involve themselves in ganja alchemy, where new strains and genetics were developed. As a result of mixing Thai landraces, Thai hybrids and Afghani genetics, the legendary Blueberry was developed, the parent of Blue Mystic.

Blueberry encountered the equally enigmatic Northern Lights, which allegedly came from 11 seeds; the origins of these seeds are debated to this day. After a deep tantric fertilization session, Blue Mystic came to light.

The genetics of Blue Mystic are 80% indica and 20% sativa; you can expect calmness and relaxation of the body, while entering the higher level of consciousness.

The flowering period takes around 8-9 weeks, which is relatively short and standard for indica-dominant strains. The indoor yields amount to 375-425g/m² and 400-450g/plant for outdoor operations. If you wish to generate more buds, make sure to top the Blue Mystic so that it grows sideways, since this strain will not grow much taller.

Blue Mystic grows quite short in an indoor setting, you can expect it to reach 60-100cm. For outdoor growth, it can be much taller with 180-220cm in height. So, if you can, grow it outdoors in a sun-abundant environment. Blue Mystic prefers hot climates like California and Spain, it does not do well in colder climates. The THC content is around 18% which is perfect for mystical spiritual practices.

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