Special Queen 1 (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Special Queen 1 is a solid and stable skunk specifically bred for those looking for a low-cost, easy to maintain, high-quality strain. It makes her especially suited to novices, as her understanding nature makes her a first great step into the world of cannabis growing – she still packs a punch, though, with 18% THC! Special Queen 1 flowers in 6-8 weeks and yields up to 550g/m².

Genetics 50% indica - 50% sativa
Parents Power Bud x Skunk
Flowering period 7-8 weeks
THC% 18%
CBD% Low
Yield (indoor) 500-550g/m²
Height (indoor) 80-140cm
Yield (outdoor) 500-550g/plant
Height (outdoor) 200-270cm
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Royal Queen Seeds
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Special Queen 1: A Sovereign Beauty by Royal Queen Seeds

With amazing yields and high-class nugs, this strain definitely deserves the crown. Special Queen 1 is a classic Skunk that has been specialized and hybridized with the help of Power Bud. With its classic mental and cerebral high, she'll elevate you to royalty status.

The yields are absolutely exceptional; if you take care of the Special Queen 1 indoors, you can generate up to 550g/m², which is fantastic considering her flowering time of only 7-8 weeks. When grown indoors, make sure to give her space, since she grows up to 140cm tall.

The Special Queen 1 adapts quite easily to her environment and can handle harsh conditions. If one wishes to grow Special Queen 1 outdoors, one needs to consider that this magnificence can grow up to 270cm tall. Outdoors, she shall reward you with yields of up to 550g/plant. Plant the Special Queen 1 so that she'll finish flowering by the end of September, or early October.

This queen of a strain has split indica/sativa genes - 50/50 - although the sativa traits are more present in the cerebral high and the sky-scraping heights that she reaches.

She will provide you with solid yields, buds filled with 18% THC, and highs that will take you to the next plane of existence. Special Queen 1 is definitely number 1!

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