Orange Bud (Dutch Passion)

Critically selected from top-shelf Skunk genetics in the 80’s, this highly potent Skunk variety truly is an outstanding masterpiece of skilled breeding, even with considering all the new strains today. Why not grow something genuine, something “oldschool” from time to time? Orange Bud not only convinces through breathtaking, beautiful looking herb. Taste and potency - Grade A!

Genetics Sativa-dominant
Parents 100% Skunk
Flowering period 7.5 weeks
THC% 16.5%
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) Medium
Height (indoor) Medium
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Medium
Harvest time (outdoor) End of September/October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dutch Passion
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Orange Bud: Classic Skunk strain, spanning back to the eighties

Orange Bud is so classic, she’s so legendary, all ganja veterans are well acquainted with her greatness. This cultivar is a 100% Skunk, straight from the 80’s. Orange Bud has won plenty of awards and the hearts of stoners around the planet. The dank is beautiful; aromas, flavors, it’s all there. If one wishes to enjoy old-school genetics and embrace its legacy, Orange Bud is ready for sowing.


Due to its skunky heritage, one can expect classic, old-school cerebral highs. Deep contemplations are a given when toking on Orange Bud. Happy feeling will embrace the consumer like a warm, fuzzy hug. Honestly, cannabis veterans have been toking this perfection for decades now, and Orange Bud is still going strong. This spectacular strain is sativa dominant with significant THC levels of 16.5%. It’s a potent variety. Novice tokers should pace themselves and probably clear the schedule for a few hours.


Both indoor and outdoor growers will receive solid yields. This cultivar is perfect for the “sea of green” growing method. Once can expect Orange Bud to reach medium heights. Honestly, most growers decide to include this cultivar in their ganja gardens due to its legacy and spectacular quality, rather than focusing solely on its generous yields. The flowering period is very short; after about 7.5 weeks, she will be ready for harvest. She’s great for colder climates since her flowering cycle finishes before the frost kicks in.


The scents emanating from Orange Bud are absolutely luxurious. The mix between nectarine, lemon and orange aromas create absolute perfection, creating an indulgence for the taste buds. Skunky strains are famous for their intense aromas - that’s exactly what one can expect from Orange Bud, although with a citrusy twist. If one wishes to make cannabutter for the baking of some sweet lemon pies, this is THE dank to bake with and get bakedon.

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