PolarLight 3 (Dutch Passion)

PolarLight #3 by Dutch Passion is an improved version of PolarLight, combining the genetics of a thoroughbred Dutch Haze and a sativa dominant auto. The result is a strain with a very strong and trippy cerebral head rush combined with the citrus, peppery flavour of a top-shelf Haze. PolarLight #3 goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks, producing up to 150g/plant in optimal conditions.

Genetics Sativa-dominant autoflowering
Parents Dutch Haze x sativa auto
Flowering period 10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% High
CBD% High
Yield (indoor) 50-150g/plant
Height (indoor) 70-100cm
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Medium
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dutch Passion
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PolarLight 3: Sativa-dominant autoflower that will illuminate your mind

Illuminate thyself! Dutch Passion took it upon themselves to improve the original PolarLight strain. After a meticulous stabilization, selection, and hybridization process had been completed, PolarLight 3 came to light. This incredible strain provides its subjects with incredible highs and splendid sensations. If one wishes to lighten up, lighting up PolarLight 3 will do the trick.


This superb plant comprises a Dutch Haze strain and a sativa-dominant autoflower. The Haze genetics originate from the “Haze Brothers”, who mixed the dankest sativa landraces spanning from South India, South America, and Thailand. In the 70’s, these Haze varieties made their way into Amsterdam's cannabis operations. That's how Dutch Haze was conceived. PolarLight 3 is sativa dominant, inducing amazingly uplifting highs. Sensations of confidence and euphoria are not uncommon after toking this strain.


It takes PolarLight 3 approximately 10 weeks to finish its life cycle, from seed to harvest. Indoor growers shall bask in 50-150g/plant of crystal covered nugs. Outdoors, one can expect medium yields from this beauty. This strain is high in THC and CBD levels, which makes this autoflower relatively rare. This cultivar is quite resilient against pests - perfect for beginners. Growers can expect PolarLight 3 to reach medium heights. The amazing citrus and spicy Haze flavors shine through, satisfying one’s senses.

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