Master Kush (Dutch Passion)

The genetics from Master Kush derive from the high mountains of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, making this a compact, sturdy and forgiving variety. Smoke of extreme potency and smoothness, earthy aromas with hints of citrus and a resistance to spider mites, are things one can expect from this easy-to-clone strain. Very suitable to all kinds of “stealth-growing” due to reduced odour production.

Genetics Indica-dominant
Parents Master Kush
Flowering period 8.5 weeks
THC% 15-18%
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) Medium
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) Medium
Height (outdoor) Short
Harvest time (outdoor) October
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dutch Passion
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Master Kush: Meet the master of indica strains

Kush strains stand at the pinnacle of indica varieties. With great determination to expand their seed portfolio, Dutch Passion travelled to Afghanistan and climbed the Hindu Kush mountains, to explore native cannabis strains. When a seed bank decides to climb mountains, simply to provide the cannabis community with the dankest weed, it is obvious that these breeders should be shown a proper amount of gratitude!


The flowering period takes about 8.5 weeks to finish. Master Kush was developed to become very sturdy and resilient; she thrives in most environments. Beginner growers should try to grow this beauty. She’s very forgiving to novice mistakes. Both indoor and outdoor growers will receive medium-sized yields. The buds become large and dense; one needs to keep the humidity levels low to prevent mould. If stealth is of imperative importance, Master Kush reaches short heights, so one can stop worrying about plants growing out of proportion.

This cultivar doesn’t run short of delicious flavours. Earthy aromas entangle the consumer with a powerful sensory perception, while citrus flavours satisfy the taste buds. Master Kush is absolutely superb.


This indica-dominant excellence creates sedating and relaxing vibes that will pulsate through one’s consciousness, opening one’s mind. She provides new perspectives on matters while relaxing the tense muscles.

Master Kush is an inbred strain deriving from a pure Kush landrace. The THC levels are somewhere between 15-18%, so she delivers solid potency. Honestly, this strain is called Master Kush for a reason - she’s much more pure and spiritual than most Kush varieties out there.

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