AutoNight Queen (Dutch Passion)

You want maximum potency in an autoflowering, indica-dominant strain? Your search has come to an end. AutoNight Queen has exorbitantly high levels of THC, around 20%. First-prize winner at 2015 Champions Cup in Málaga. This genius crossing of Mazar-i-Sharif and the “original” Night Queen ensures the highest quality money can buy. Yields of up to 500 g/m² or 150 g/plant are not unrealistic.

Genetics Indica-dominant autoflowering
Parents Night Queen x auto Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif
Flowering period 10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% High
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) 500g/m²
Height (indoor) 1m
Yield (outdoor) 100-150g/plant
Height (outdoor) 1m
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dutch Passion
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Auto Night Queen: Extreme results, especially for an autoflower

Ganja enthusiasts, listen up! Dutch Passion has developed an absolute rarity, coined as the Auto Night Queen. This strain is the chosen one; the extreme potency and delicious highs make this strain the most impeccable autoflower known to mankind and extraterrestrial species alike. Auto Night Queen was awarded the 1st prize at the Champions Cup in Málaga 2015 and the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam 2016, for being the best autoflower.


The heritage of Auto Night Queen goes back to a photoperiod Night Queen strain and a dark colored, autoflowering Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif variety. The hybridization of these two produced the notorious Auto Night Queen, which generates up to 20% of THC. That’s insane considering its autoflowering characteristics. It's rare to come across another autoflowering strain with comparable levels of THC. Dutch Passion has busted the "all autoflowering varieties contain a medium amount of THC" myth with the release of their Auto Night Queen.


Auto Night Queen is unbelievably dank. With her indica dominance, she entangles the mind of the consumer in a sweet, mellow state of contemplation. Trivial thoughts and worries will be abolished. With her aforementioned potency, the physically stoned effect will be powerful. One must clear the schedule for a consecutive 3 hours before hitting this beauty.


Auto Night Queen reaches around 100cm in height, which is perfect for smaller and stealthy operations. From seed to harvest, she finishes her life cycle after only 10 weeks. Indoor growers can expect around 500g/m² of crystal covered buds. Outdoors, Auto Night Queen will develop approximately 100-150g/plant. If one calculates the flowering time, set against the extreme potency, the yields, and the dank highs, one will come to the conclusion that Auto Night Queen truly is the ultimate strain.

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