AutoEuforia (Dutch Passion)

A crossing of two powerful Skunks, AutoEuforia is a re-envisioning of an old-school classic that was renowned for its uplifting, happy high. She maintains this gigantic uplift, developing upon it and improving it. Expect an energising sativa cerebral high combined with a body numbing buzz. AutoEuforia goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks, producing extra-large yields.

Genetics Sativa-dominant autoflowering
Parents Euforia x Skunk Automatic
Flowering period 10 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% Medium
CBD% Unknown
Yield (indoor) High
Height (indoor) Short
Yield (outdoor) High
Height (outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Dutch Passion
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Easy Germination

Easy Germination

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Auto Euphoria: The euphoric sensation is the perfect escape

A euphoric sensation, delivered by high-quality bud, is a highly desirable experience. Dutch Passion decided to provide the ganja community with an excellent hybrid that produces an uplifting spiritual state. It guides the consumer through revelations and contemplations. The old-school Euphoria strain, which was a Skunk selected for its euphoric properties, was mixed with a carefully selected autoflowering Skunk. Auto Euphoria was the result. And it did not disappoint!


Auto Euphoria, with her sativa dominance, induces perfectly uplifting highs, respected and enjoyed by many cannabis connoisseurs. This strain is perfect for consumption before concerts, discotheques, or any other upbeat environment, requiring feel-good vibes.

The THC levels are potent, although not as potent as photoperiod counterparts. The perfect mix of cannabinoids makes Auto Euphoria a rarity. These female seeds will develop euphoria in its purest form.


In no time, growers will receive their Auto Euphoria buds; after only 10 weeks of growing, from seed to harvest, the plants are ready for the curing process. Ensure that the plants don’t burn off the terpenes, which can occur when the temperatures rise above 26°C in the last stages of flowering.

The yields are high, for indoor and outdoor growers. Auto Euphoria reaches medium heights, which is perfect for stealthy operations and beginner growers. It’s not recommended to use topping, LST and ScrOG methods on autoflowering varieties. Keeping it simple is the way to go.

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