White Widow Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

To make sure auto growers weren’t missing out on an all-time classic, the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have reformed the legendary White Widow into an unmissable auto variety. She holds the strength and flavour of her namesake, but without the worry of changing light cycles. White Widow Automatic goes from seed to harvest in 10-12 weeks and can produce up to 240g per plant outdoors.

Genetics 40% indica - 40% sativa - 20% ruderalis
Parents White Widow x ruderalis
Flowering period 10-12 weeks from seed to harvest
THC% 14%
CBD% Medium
Yield (indoor) 400-450g/m²
Height (indoor) 40-80cm
Yield (outdoor) 190-240g/plant
Height (outdoor) 50-110cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Seed bank Royal Queen Seeds
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White Widow Automatic: Amsterdam coffee shop favorite in autoflowering form

White Widow is an all-time classic that established its legacy during the nineties in Amsterdam. The dispute over its origins is a story in itself. Many believe that White Widow derives from a South Keralan hybrid father and a Brazilian sativa mother, but whatever her true origin, White Widow with its amazingly big, dark leaves, has become a ganja grower's favorite.

Royal Queen Seeds decided to make a White Widow Automatic strain by blending high-class ruderalis genetics with White Widow. This cultivar takes 10-12 weeks to grow, from seed to harvest.

The 14% THC level is perfect; you can smoke pure joints without getting too baked. With its medium CBD content, many experience White Widow Automatic to deliver medical alleviations.

The yields are amazing; 400-450g/m² for indoor growers and 190-240g/plant for outdoor ones. White Widow Automatic doesn't need to be planted at a specific time. Due to its automatic genes, you can grow White Widow Automatic during any 2.5 months during the year, as long as it receives a minimum of 12h light a day, and it doesn’t get colder than 15°C.

Indoors, this strain reaches 40-80cm in height and 50-110cm outside, you can expect a tiny plant that requires minimum management. The genetics are 40% indica, 40% sativa and 20% ruderalis; White Widow Automatic will deliver the best of three worlds. So, there you have it, a legend in a compact format.

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